Does anyone know of any one who can do real spells that work?

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and of course its not to hurt anyone, its just to bring someone back into my life.

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    you are really considering this??

    do you want to do somebody harm ore good??

    think 9 times before you want to hurt anybody!! -you will get it back!! trust me i know what im talking about!!

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    Magic and spellwork are not tools to be used to randomly bring people you've lost back into your life. Why did they leave? If it was just a person you gradually lost touch with, then magic may provide you with a chance meeting somewhere down the line. But other than that... all you're asking for is trouble. Do you *really* want to force someone back into your life if that isn't what they wish to do? You shouldn't use magic to bend another's will to you - unless, of course, you'd be willing to force someone to do your bidding *without* magic - say, with a gun to their head. If that's as moral as you get, do whatever you want. But if you really don't want to hurt someone... don't use magic to force them to your will.

    Instead, try some real-world measures, first.

  • MOI
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    When trying to make a liar tell the truth.........Take a small mirror. Draw an eye on the mirror. Take it , and bury it near the front door of the liar's home, and chant while burying," The eye reveals the lie."

    Within 2 weeks a liar will be revealed, but if you have used this spell againist an innocent , you will suffer a sickness until you remove the mirror.

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    Spells, superstition, religion (any of ´em, take your pick) are based on unfounded belief. You may as well believe in the tooth fairy (please tell me you don't). If spell´s worked science would not. For instance, you can sit in all car all day chanting spells to start the engine, but until you turn the ignition key and begin the mechanical process of the internal combustion engine nothing is going to happen. Ditch superstition. Ditch religion. Its science that makes the world work.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you don't have faith in it to start with, even the most powerful witch, magi, warlock or spell caster won't be able to do a thing for you. Instead of someone else doing the charm or spell, look into doing it for yourself.

  • 1 decade ago

    lol lets face it if spells really did work there'd be a multi national corporation controlling the patents and worldwide distribution of them.

    governments would have no need of armies and weapons of mass destruction.

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    Yes. Just don't.

  • 1 decade ago

    ask a wiccan preistess. she would know

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    Did it work.....?

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