i m shalini chaudhary my DOB is 31st oct,1983 born at unnao(INDIA) at 3.28a.m. i want 2 know abt my career n?

future life.


also abt my future life,education n other relationships.

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    1 decade ago
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    You need to speak to an astrologer or a clairvoyant if you believe in all of that.

  • 1 decade ago

    Hi Shalini,

    Myself Rupinder (Rinku) from Punjab. I wanna tell you that one should not have faith in Astrology, Numerolgy, vastu etc. its comepletely Fraud and useless. One must keeps scientific thinking. I know one thing that u will not quit believing in these things just becoz i said u to do so.

    But i request u to know dat why Astrology is fake ? why one must keeps scientific thinking ?

    If the career or future life of perosn depends upon the DOB or time, then wat u will say abt the People (including Astrolgers) whose lives were taken by tsunami ? were they all have same DOB or zodiac signs ? NO !!

    Where were the Astrolgers of the whole world wen so many people were killed on 11/9 ?

    Why could not a single Astrolger Predict abt the Gas tragedy of Bhopal where thousands of people lost their lives ?


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    My time pass website:


    My E-mail: dr_rationalist@yahoo.com

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    Congrats, you are a Scorpio.

    Good Points: Thorough, catuous, brace, responsible, good concetration, and strength of purpose.

    Bad Points: suspicious, callous, cunning, poor judgement.

    Type: Scientific, temperamental, and secretice. Can be tyrannical at times

    Likely Occupation: police or detective work, chemistry, surgery, or military

    Perfect Partner: Pisces or Cancer.

    Ruling Planet: Mars

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    1. u r looking for a career in menagement,specially in event menagement or something like that.

    2.u r planning for a love marriage soon.

    3.u r not living with ur family from childhood.

    4. ur man might be an engineer in govt job or so, living apart from u.

    5.And i can say that u r really beautiful, but have a little wheatish tone with sharp features.

    u can im me for more details.

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  • 1 decade ago

    If you want a better answer pls email me! (lauraleebug@yahoo) but you are meant for techno. Big time. But you need to move to a more progressive place to finish learning your craft...

    Ever think of apprenticing in HongKong or Tokyo?

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    start looking for a job, if u like it, then its your career.

  • 1 decade ago


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