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¿Do you think the Katrina disaster was a punishment of God against New Orleans?

Since I saw some banners thanking God for it last year, I really was puzzled.


I saw things like "New Sodoma was erased of the Earth: Thank God for that!".

I got really amazed with the banners, I tell you.

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    No, I don't think so. The Katrina disaster was a natural disaster that caught a major city desperately unprepared.

    It is not even unprecedented. Many cities have endured destruction. Chicago had the fire. San Francisco the earthquake. Galveston was devastated by a hurricane. These cities all came back.

    Tokyo has been destroyed several times. An earthquake and fire devastated it in the 1920's. The U.S. Army Air Forces destroyed it in 1945.

    You would never know if you visited it today that it had been destroyed.

    God doesn't do that to us. We live on a dynamic and active planet that modifies itself on a regular basis.

    The Katrina disaster was in large part a punishment of a city that had allowed itself to become desperately unprepared for a disaster, but that wasn't in any way something God did. It was something the city's leadership and the state's leadership did.

    I would never thank God for something like Katrina, other than the fact it may have helped to unite us more.

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    that concept is so stupid. in case you seem at the place earthquakes are, and their frequency (i admire GoogleEarth for this), you may locate that there are a number of them, throughout. in certainty, at variety of the identical time via fact the Haiti earthquake, there substitute into an the two stable one off California, and a greater suitable one interior the Solomon Islands. yet, no disaster. The why has to do with the persons in those places. Haiti is poor, and intensely corrupt. they have not any national construction standards, no inspectors, or something like that. So, people do what they desire, take the money, and run. Santo Domingo is suited beside Haiti (identical island), and actually has had lots greater earthquakes interior the final month than Haiti. yet, no comments of issues there in any respect. New Orleans substitute into the identical. people knew a typhoon like this substitute into coming sometime, and that they might have equipped the dikes right. yet, they did not. No-one had to spend the money it may value. So, the typhoon got here, as predicted, and disaster. those disaster have been particularly guy-made. organic issues ensue, yet we are able to prepare for them (as much as a factor, besides). If we don't, we can go through while those organic activities ensue.

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    yes, lets build a city close to the Missisippi River (where the entire continent of the U.S. drains into) and make it below sea level. Then lets get some politicians who don't care, and put them in the most corrupt city and state in the country. Then lets blame FEMA. The Police and fire dept should all be fired, and fined, and thrown in jail, for walking off of the job. Can you imagine something like that hitting NYC and the NYPD and FDNY putting out an announcement that they will no longer be doing any rescue's during the storm, thank God that we have the best emergency response teams in the world.

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    S#!T happens :) random acts created by nature.. God gives us choices and were responsible for our actions. God did not punish anybody, but he did bless many during this time of need.

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    I dont think it is a punishment of God. If it was I think he would have punished the whole world. But thats not necessary, because we are destroying our world by ourselves already.

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    HaHa, no it was mother natures way of saying don'e build a city below sea level that close to the ocean.

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    Most of those people are decent citizens--why would God engage in such arbitrary behavior?

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    No, the French Quarter wasn't hit.

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    God is not punishing anybody, his duty is love all people and direct to do that to all.

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    no... why would God punish New Orleans anyway?

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