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Is my penis too small?

Im 18 and its almost 5.5 inches, is it too small for girls to like because ive had the chance to have sex lots of times but im too shy too. Please help, and will it grow?


I thought men stopped growing when there 18? is that true?

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    Perhaps you shouldn't be asking about your penis and you should be more worried about your frontal lobe!

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    This is such a guy-concern. Since caveman days, guys have always been insecure.

    Trust me, I've been lookin' at guys in locker rooms for years, and there are no absolutes in this area. And trust me further, every guy, whether big, small, thick, thin, has some degree of insecurity about his schlong.

    You state u r 18, likely nearing the end of your physical growth phase, depending on your heredity. Likely, your body has grown to its adult form or close to it. So, get used to what nature gave you, and go with that.

    That being said, at the root of insecurity about one part of the body, is likely just a part of an overall insecurity. You also state you have not yet had any sexual relations, so perhaps this is part of it? How do you feel about your total self (spiritual, physical, psychological) overall?

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    I think that you are the PERFECT size. Bigger isn't always better. Your size is perfect for so many different positions and ways to do it. Perfect size for oral. I could get very graffic, but I won't. When you get over your embarrasment, you will realize that you can do things that other guys can't and go places that other guys can't. Have fun. Be Safe.

    BTW, I think average size is 5 3/4 inches. So you aren't really that small.

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    The average size of a penis is around 6 inches so I wouldn't worry about ur size. There are plenty of girls who like them average.. good luck and just be safe

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Is it 5.5 inch when flaccid or when erect?

    If it is 5.5 inches when etect, it is average sized and if it is 5.5 inches when flaccid, then it is probably huge when erect, and you need to stop worrying. Take care : )

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    You can help it grow with the proper Jelqing Exercises. Contact me if you need any help or visit the following site that I highly recommend.

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    Who gives a **** about size as long as its at least 2.5 inches. sonner or later your balls will get bigger and thicker and will also become HAIRY!!!

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    It'll grow, hang in there! Once you're about 20 it'll get thicker and harder, and your balls will hang real low, and become hairy. COCKS ARE GREAT!

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    it's not about size... it's about how you use it!! you need to stop worrying about your size and just get out there and gain confidence and get comfortable with yourself... after that size doesn't matter.

  • JOHN M
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    You are about average. Not many girls will complain if you use it properly.

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