World oil demand & supply?

I've asked already this question but didn't find th e answer. Tell me,pls, are there any official sites where i can find info about world oil demand & supply (may be it can be a list of different countries given in a form of statistic:for example, country X demand in June is Y, supply is Z...)

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    This site will show you demand current and projected by industrial sector also by region. It also shows estimated reserves by country. Take those with a grain of salt. It should answer at least part of your question.

    As one of your responders suggested, I went out to and found this detailed analysis of production.

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    The best source I can think of is the World Almanac, book of facts.

    Although oil production changes from year to year, the latest issue will give you the production levels for all the countries in the world.

    Many countries have low or no production of oil.

    Usually they produce little of other goods and services as well, and poverty rates are high.

    When Bush stated that America is addicted to oil, that was a nasty way of saying that Americans haven't been able to find more efficient and better ways of using energy.

    Since Bush offered no better ways around the oil dependence problem, it becomes clearer that this dependence will be the ultimate downfall unless better ways are seriously adopted and used soon.

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    The best source (which all industry watchers read - and even their competitors quote) is BP Plc's annual statistical review of world energy - its got every statistic you could think of in regard to oil and gas.

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