Every time I take a picture it's overexposed and pink?

Even in normal lighting conditions, everytime I try to take a pic everything is bright white and has an ugly bright pink tone. I don't know how this happened. Can someone tell me what might be wrong and how I might be able to fix this? I have a Nikon Coolpix 2200



I've tried lower lighting conditions, with and without flash, different scene modes, and all light that is picked up turns bright white and pink hues.

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    It sounds like your Digital pictures are overexposed like you say.

    That accounts for them being bright white and having pink tones.

    It could be that the batteries are bad or even that there is a light leak somewhere causing the overexposure.

    Check the settings and make sure they are set for the type of

    pictures you're taking.

    "Scene Modes with Scene Assist & Auto Setting: Use the Automatic setting for point-and-shoot simplicity or use one of 15 Scene Modes that automatically set the camera for the best exposure in most popular picture-taking situations (sunset, close up, etc.)."

    Be sure the camera is set on the "Auto Setting" and then try taking a couple of pictures outside in the bright light and see if the

    results get better.

    How old is the camera?

    Can you take it back where you purchased it and maybe they will exchange it?

    If it's happening with "every" shot and you're not even getting any

    good ones, then there is a mechanical malfunction somewhere in

    the camera's system.

    I'd start with the batteries and perhaps replace them.

    If you could take it to the nearest photo sales place, someone

    could have a look at it and perhaps find something wrong that I

    can't determine in this forum.

    Good luck!

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    before u make any decision try this link http://www.pbase.com/cameras/nikon/coolpix_2200. u can compare ur pics with others from same camera.

    Hardware solution:

    1) white balance: it is necessary to set the right white balance setting or u may end up getting ugly images.

    2)make sure ur monitor is producing the right colours. try caliberating it.

    Software solution:

    try softwares that have batch processing. and u can restore the images in bulk.

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    While you're at it, see if you have changed the EV setting (exposure compensation). The default EV setting is 0. Anything more than zero, and you force the camera to over-expose every shot.

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    Hi, I recommand you to try google picasa.

    picasa is a Google's photo software. It's what should've come with your camera.

    It can Edit , organise and Share you picture and small video flips.

    It's very easy to use and is free, just like Google

    Download it free in here:


    Good Luck!

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  • 1 decade ago

    See if you have inadvertently changed the white balance setting, if your camera has one. Look up "white balance" in the index of your manual and take it from there.

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