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Has anyone ever wanted to have you send them money while you where on line?

Like you get a message on your menssenger asking you to send them money

If so do not take any money or send them money

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    Either u are talking about nigerian 411 scams or other western union scams...

    or asian bar girls asking u money

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    No this has never happen and needless to say if it did .. I wouldn't speak to them, place them on ignore and continue my life without dealing with people who scam.

    Hugs from a Loving Mom to a Brillant, as well as beautiful 8 year old Jared and Our Angel, Zachary (taken to soon but who will always remain in our heart) ~ Mel

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    No, it hasn't happened to me. Don't send them money, though.

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    1 decade ago

    these beggers - or are they not thieves????

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