receive phonecall from lapd after midnight notifying you are under arrest, no name mentioned: possible?legal?

did anybody ever hear of this: to receive a phone call from somebody claiming to be from the Los Angeles Police Departmert, notifying there is a warrant for your arrest, but they don't mention your name, don't say what it is about, don't leave a phone number to call back, nothing. Is this possible? Is this legal? Does anybody know anything about this?


thanks you all. This just happened to my girlfriend in LA (I live in another city). I forgot to mention that she has absolutely no reason to expect an arrest warrant

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    1. If there is a warrant, they wouldn't call. A sheriff or deputy would show up. If it is for a revoked bond, the bond company may stop by before the police. In any event, they wouldn’t call, that would ruin the element of surprise.

    2. Call the LAPD sub station to see what the deal is. Someone could have used her identity or is playing a joke on her.

    3. Call the phone company to see where the call came from. This can take up to twelve hours and the call has to be made from the phone that it was directed to. If it was a prank call, the caller or number where it originated from could receive fines and or imprisonment for violating the FCC rules of communication as well as from the LAPD for impersonating an officer or peace official.

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    I know the LAPD wont call you to tell you, you are under arrest, they will personally go in their cruisier to the residence and arrest you on the spot :) so this was most likely a prank call... But if you feel that it is really somebody from the station calling, make sure to call the station and ask for a watch commander and tell him about the phone calls.. and if doesnt help, u could always call headquaters in downtown LA or even contact the mayors office :) good luck..

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    Sounds like there may be a warrant out for your arrest. There is no harm in checking.

    I had a warrant issued for my arrest once. I was notified through a mailed notice. I paid the fine with a check, it's all taken care of, and I still have no criminal record. I haven't heard of that notice getting sent by phone, but they won't arrest you for calling them to check.

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    I've heard of lazy LAPD officers, but not THAT lazy!

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  • peg
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    Sounds like someone is messing around with you! If you are really concerned because there may be some truth to it, call and find out.

  • shelby
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    4 years ago

    that ought to matter upon my ethnicity. If i'm white then i receives a cost ticket - no problem. If i'm black, latina or hispanic then I must be prepared to be tasered, assaulted, cuffed then tasered back.

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    That doesn't sound right to me. You could call the police and check I guess, but that doesn't sound legit to me.

  • ?
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    sounds like telephone harrasment to me

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