i love a girl, propsed her ,i know she loves me,she does'nt give ne any answer at that time?

she told me that she will call me .But she did'nt.Problem is that she is muslim & i am hindu,but i don'nt believe in religions.She fears very much ,she said to me ,if she will marry to me ,there will lot of insert of her parents .Society will say to her parents that his/her daughter ran away with a hindu boy,her family did'nt accept our relation.I know she loves me ,but she fears very much.

tell me wat should i do .Becoz i want her at any cost.I can'nt live without her,my life become hell without her .She was my best frd frm 5yrs.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Is it possible if you change your religion? Sorry if I sound funny because I'm not Hindu. Do they allow you to change to Muslim? Seems that this is the best choice now.

    It is nearly impossible for her to marry you because society effect is very strong. If you love her that much, I think you should be the one who sacrifices.

  • 1 decade ago

    wait. n wait n wait........

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