Why biting your nail is a bad habit?

Nail biting isn't harm to humanity or world wide environment and it isn't hazardous nor poisonous, SO why it is such a bad habit that parents wouldn't let their kids do that? Please answer me...

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    Hands carry more bacteria than any other part of the human body. The space between the finger and nail in particular. Even the microscopic amount of dirt that might be on the cleanest hand, combined with the moisture humans constantly produce, makes this area a breeding ground for micro-organisms. If you were to touch a single thing (say the door knob of the restroom door after wasing your own hands on your way out) within a matter of minutes, you could potentially culture thousand of bacterium from the perosn who touched it and didn't wash their hands.

    Almost everything you touch has been touched by someone before you. They sneeze and cough in their hands. They defecate, wipe and don't wash their hands. They have the flu, HIV/AIDS, pneumonia, mumps, measles, c-diff, MRSA, strep, bladder infections (to name a few), and plenty of dirt of their own. As for humanity and the world, I suggest you read some of the information at sites like the CDC and WHO (World Health Organization). It IS a diry habit and hand transfer is the leading cause of the spread of disease world wide.

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    Obviously, if you are able to bite your nails, they are long. Have you seen the amount of dirt, or fingernail jam, that builds up under the end of the human fingernail? (It's called the nail plate, by the way.) You can get a virus, or other illness, from that bacteria. Maybe even hepatitus! My nails have been black underneath the nail plate, after a hard days work! I try not to let them get black. It's unsightly and NAASSSSSSTY!!!! I usually go to the restroom and use a paper towel and some soap and water, and clean underneath them. I never bite my nails! I used to when i was a kid. I see people bite their nails a lot! Maybe a nervous condition, or a habit.

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    Your nails are an indicator of your general health, and if you use your hands a lot when you talk then they're also going to get plenty of attention from the person you're trying to attract.

    Besides, bitten nails aren't exactly seductive, so girls especially should try and avoid putting your mitts to your mouth. (try an anti-biting nail paint. Tastes disgusting, but it will stop you putting your fingers in your mouth so often.)

    There is also a risk of you spreading the germs from your hands into your mouth (washed your hands lately?) A fungal infection can spread, esp If your nails go crumbly and whitish / yellowish and separate slightly from the nail bed.

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    Nail and skin are barriers to fungi and bacteria, so broken nails are welcome mats for bugs.

    Hand infections can result from nail-biting. It can develop paronychia, which is the most superficial of common hand infections that affects the soft tissue around the fingernail. The bacteria that invaded the broken skin around the nails can give rise to painful, pus-filled abscesses.

    As very little spare tissue sits on the human hand, destruction on any part of it can be devastating, leading to surgery or amputation.

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    Well etiquette-wise it is done so that little girls become cultured ladies with proper nails. Clipping or biting one's nails in public is seen as rude no matter what the sex. Finally, it is often seen as a nervous habit that may turn into a society defect later in life.

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    yes, it is a bad habit, as it not only deforms your teeth, but also allows worms and germs to inhibit there. it also, lesser the size of your nails, and give em a dirty luk! you dont know, what sort of germs r there in your nails, if u want to shorten them, then do so, wid a nail cutter, instead of your teeth, which wud not only harm u, but may cause some deformities in n your teeth forever, i know its not an easy task, to loose this habit of nail biting, but it wud be possible, only if u control your self doing so whenever this thought come into your mind of chewing your nails!!

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    Nail-biting is a sign of some sort of built up regression. Theres something troubling you in your past or even now. Some anger, stress, depression. I know because I do it real bad. Other things people do is bite their tongue, inside their lips, picking scabs, etc. I do them all.

    Source(s): a psychiatrist told me this.
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    My son was biting his nails, and developed an infection around his thumb - it seemed little, but we were concerned. When we went to the dr. and it was tested, it turned out to be the kind of strep that could lead to that awful flesh-eating disease! Antibiotics cleared his up, but it was a HUGE scare.

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    You get worms

    Your nails get ruinned they dont grow the same.

    Nails are not diggested, so its easy for litl nail pieces to get stuck in the intestine.

    My brother used to bite the nails of his feet...

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    People chew their nails until they bleed. It introduces germs from under their nails, it causes hang nails and ingrown nails which is painful... I think those are good reasons!

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