im pregnant and should i listen to CLASSIC SONGS?

I was advised to listen to classic music like beethoven & wolfgang bec there was a study that it could increase the baby's IQ? that true? there a scientific explanation?..or just a superstition?.

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    According to the RN at the infant care class I just took, you don't play classical music for the baby to higher their IQ, you play classical because of the pitch. The babies/fetuses like the higher notes of the pianos and harps and stuff while bass tones, drums or booming noises upset them.

    It's why we do baby talk to them over regular talk.

    Source(s): Been playing Johann Strauss for my baby. I love the waltzes
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    I have heard this and reading your question I did a search. I found websites that support this and also say this is not true.

    I did play josh groben and classical music with both my kids and I played with for them when they went to sleep. My kids started sleeping through the night at a very younge age. I dont know if its a credit to the music or not. But its not going to hurt anything to try it.

    As someone said if you dont care for the music put it on headphones and lay them across your belly.

    Source(s): Google.
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    Yes, definitely. And especially play classical music to your child as soon as it is born (congratulations!). They find it easier to sleep if there is soft classical music, try Bach, in their rooms, but make it soft and quiet. Play classical music as much as possible, all different kinds; it does influence brain development and is also soothing, if you pick the right composers.

    Hope it all goes well.

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  • yunesa
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    1 decade ago

    Congratulations!- Yes classical songs and children's songs will do. if you can place the radio on top of your belly that would be fine too. All my nephews and nieces who were reared by their mom that way are either music lovers or they excel in the academics.Perhaps it has something to do with hearing and brain wave development-

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I listened to extremely loud rap music all through my pregancy, and played it on a ghetto blaster during labor, and my son is first class honour roll in school every time. I think that whatever lowers your blood pressure and makes you feel relaxed is best for the baby.

  • Lydia
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    1 decade ago

    Listen to any kind of music, and make sure you sing and talk lots to your baby, too. Make sure your husband does as well, so the baby knows his voice.

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    I think that is superstition u should listen to whatever music u wanna listen to as long as it makes u happy!!!

  • woo
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    1 decade ago


    Yeah it is true about this music!

    So if u like it then you can listen this music with your baby and your man!So cute!;)

  • 1 decade ago

    yes that's true, the best way is that you put a headphone near you tummy, there's no scientific explanation but it won't harm you anyway if follow.

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