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Islam, How do you feel about people strapping bombs to their bodies and blowing up people in the marketplace?

Islam, Do you agree with these actions? Or are the people who do this giving your Religion a bad name?

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    It definitely gives Muslims like me a bad name.

    We don't condone the violence perpetuated by misguided sects of our religion but we don't want our heads cut-off and videotaped either.

    I'm only one Muslim...I can't stop an army of fanatics.


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    Islam's has nothing to do with terrorists... i wish people would grasp that concept... its like saying all germans are nazis.. thats not true.... given SOME germans were nazis and given SOME terrorists were islam that doesn't make the whole nationality or religion bad...there is no good or bad religion.... there are good and bad people. people who do these bombings have about as much sence as the kids who did the columbine shootings... see, that didn't make every white kid bad... people who go out of their way to harm someone are mentally not stable. the best we can do is pray that there will soon be an end to all this non sence and peace everywhere.

  • The Islam in Afghanistan have a very serious head problem.I'm a Muslim and right here in Singapore,the Islam/Muslims lived in peace in a multi-racial community.Obviously,those people who strap bombs to their bodies are giving the religion a very bad name.It is such a disgrace.Because of what they did,people now consider all Islam/Muslims as terrorist.It is very unfair to the other Islams/Muslims in other parts of the world.You think they like to be condemned just because of what other people who share their religion did?Do you think this is fair to them?Do they think that by strapping bombs to themselves and blowing themselves up in the name of Allah is acceptable in their religion?Is this what Allah wants?Do the terrorist really think that after killing tons of people,they could get a place in heaven?Even a child knows that the answer would be a 'no'.What does the terrorist hope of achieving?I bet they are all rotting in hell right now.Islam is one of the most purest and oldest religions in the world and what are those terrorist doing?Smearing it with blood in the name of Allah.Bullshit la!And by the way,RG is right!

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    Those people are very very very far away from Islam, and i say they don't understand this peaceful religion. Of course i don't agree with there actions nobody does, and yes the people give our religion a bad name that everybody thinks bad things about us

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    What a stupid question.. but i will answer it anyway.

    NO, we Muslims do NOT , atleast i dont, agree with people strapping bombs to themselves and blowing people up for no reason. Its wrong but you must also consider their situation and WHY they do what they do. Many of them don't see any other way of self defense so they go to these drastic measures.Killing innocent people is definitly a bad thing and against Islam all the way.

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    Since the number of suicide bombers and other Muslim terrorists seems to have increased drastically over the past several years, as well as the scope of their attacks, more attention has been focused on Muslim terrorism. This has caused many people to identify Islam with terror, an equation which is most likely incorrect (to the best of my knowledge, since I am not Muslim, but Jewish).

    My main purpose in answering this question is to respond to a couple of other answerers who claimed that suicide bombings and other acts of terror are justified by the terrorist's situation. In short, "they must have been driven to it, so it is the victim's fault".

    This is wrong thinking.

    NOTHING can justify walking into a restaurant that is crowded with families, packed with strollers, bubbling with the sound of children laughing and parents asking their kids how school was over a family meal of pizza and Coke -- and blowing yourself up, leaving bloody strollers and dead children, mothers, and fathers. NOTHING can justify that.

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    islam is a very peaceful religion but there are many black sheeps in every family. and not all members of the family would take the responsibility of an individual's action.

    Aal-e-Imran | 200 verses | The family of Imran سورة آل عمران

    Sura #3 | Madina

    200 O ye who believe! Endure, outdo all others in endurance, be ready, and observe your duty to Allah, in order that ye may succeed.

    Al-Muzzammil | 20 verses | The enshrouded one سورة المزمل

    Sura #73 | Makkah

    10 And bear with patience what they utter, and part from them with a fair leave-taking.

    when u meet a muslim in ur day to day life, u will find him exactly like u: a worried parent, a caring sibling and a faithful partner. u will find him so absorbed with his life and family, that he does not have time to think of dirty intentions.

    no man who uses the mask of religion and Allah to fulfill his dirty intentions can be a good muslim. a muslim is a person who is a kind hearted and patient person, who beleives that THERE IS NO GOD BUT ALLAH.

    there are many people who speak ill of Allah without knowing its meaning. ALLAH means SUPREME BEING, nothing more nothing less. it is not the name of any mortal, mythological character or hero from a epic. it sheerly means SUPREME BEING.

    u should also not forget those people who have stood and are standing against the crimes and atrocities comitted by some extremists. i call them extremists not islamic/muslim terrorists, because they are not muslims in first place

    but how many of u have seen us on TV giving our opinion.

    neither BBC or CNN will bring a layman on an interview, they will only bring bigshots.

    it is ur world that is blocking our voices from being heard.

    its not that muslims are not doing anything, they had rallies in USA on 911 , they rallied and banned DaVinciCode and they have condemed many terrorist attacks, but the media is always hiding things from us. now i wonder why the media would do this, but this is the thruth.

    do u think that we muslims are happy with the bombings.? no we are not. infact we are more hurt and embarrassed for what some people are doing in the name of our religion. they are putting us to shame in front of the whole world.

    infact there are some of us who beleive that it is better that osama bombed us rather than a innocent someone else. do u why? becoz we muslims are alomst dead. muslims have nothing they value more than their Fiath in Allah, teachings of prophets and holy books and our self respect and dignity. and when some one takes that away from us, we are alomst dead.

    who do u think is most affected from the bombings. yes i agree there is a loss of life from the other party, but a muslim dies everyday with the thought that why is his religion always going to trial?

    why is it his God that is always called fake.?

    why is that his prophet is called a nymphomaniac and sex offender?

    if u are ready to listen we are ready to speak. if u want to broaden ur horizons then we will expand it for u. just give the rest of us a chance to speak out. we are ready to voice our views but are u ready to hear us?

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    I'm not Islamic, but it's obvious these individuals are giving the religion a bad name. They should go out in the desert and blow themselves up where nobody's around.

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    This question is often hurled at Muslims, either directly or indirectly, during any discussion on religion or world affairs. Muslim stereotypes are perpetuated in every form of the media accompanied by gross misinformation about Islam and Muslims. In fact, such misinformation and false propaganda often leads to discrimination and acts of violence against Muslims. A case in point is the anti-Muslim campaign in the American media following the Oklahoma bomb blast, where the press was quick to declare a ‘Middle Eastern conspiracy’ behind the attack. The culprit was later identified as a soldier from the American Armed Forces.

    Let us analyze this allegation of ‘fundamentalism’ and ‘terrorism’:

    1. Definition of the word ‘fundamentalist’

    A fundamentalist is a person who follows and adheres to the fundamentals of the doctrine or theory he is following. For a person to be a good doctor, he should know, follow, and practise the fundamentals of medicine. In other words, he should be a fundamentalist in the field of medicine. For a person to be a good mathematician, he should know, follow and practise the fundamentals of mathematics. He should be a fundamentalist in the field of mathematics. For a person to be a good scientist, he should know, follow and practise the fundamentals of science. He should be a fundamentalist in the field of science.

    2. Not all ‘fundamentalists’ are the same

    One cannot paint all fundamentalists with the same brush. One cannot categorize all fundamentalists as either good or bad. Such a categorization of any fund amentalist will depend upon the field or activity in which he is a fundamentalist. A fundamentalist robber or thief causes harm to society and is therefore undesirable. A fundamentalist doctor, on the other hand, benefits society and earns much respect.

    3. I am proud to be a Muslim fundamentalist

    I am a fundamentalist Muslim who, by the grace of Allah, knows, follows and strives to practise the fundamentals of Islam. A true Muslim does not shy away from being a fundamentalist. I am proud to be a fundamentalist Muslim because, I know that the fundamentals of Islam are beneficial to humanity and the whole world. There is not a single fundamental of Islam that causes harm or is against the interests of the human race as a whole. Many people harbour misconceptions about Islam and consider several teachings of Islam to be unfair or improper. This is due to insufficient and incorrect knowledge of Islam. If one critically analyzes the teachings of Islam with an open mind, one cannot escape the fact that Islam is full of benefits both at the individual and collective levels.

    4. Dictionary meaning of the word ‘fundamentalist’

    According to Webster’s dictionary ‘fundamentalism’ was a movement in American Protestanism that arose in the earlier part of the 20th century. It was a reaction to modernism, and stressed the infallibility of the Bible, not only in matters of faith and morals but also as a literal historical record. It stressed on belief in the Bible as the literal word of God. Thus fundamentalism was a word initially used for a group of Christians who believed that the Bible was the verbatim word of God without any errors and mistakes.

    According to the Oxford dictionary ‘fundamentalism’ means ‘strict maintenance of ancient or fundamental doctrines of any religion, especially Islam’.

    Today the moment a person uses the word fundamentalist he thinks of a Muslim who is a terrorist.

    5. Every Muslim should be a terrorist

    Every Muslim should be a terrorist. A terrorist is a person who causes terror. The moment a robber sees a policeman he is terrified. A policeman is a terrorist for the robber. Similarly every Muslim should be a terrorist for the antisocial elements of society, such as thieves, dacoits and rapists. Whenever such an anti-social element sees a Muslim, he should be terrified. It is true that the word ‘terrorist’ is generally used for a person who causes terror among the common people. But a true Muslim should only be a terrorist to selective people i.e. anti-social elements, and not to the common innocent people. In fact a Muslim should be a source of peace for innocent people.

    6. Different labels given to the same individual for the same action, i.e. ‘terrorist’ and ‘patriot’

    Before India achieved independence from British rule, some freedom fighters of India who did not subscribe to non-violence were labeled as terrorists by the British government. The same individuals have been lauded by Indians for the same activities and hailed as ‘patriots’. Thus two different labels have been given to the same people for the same set of actions. One is calling him a terrorist while the other is calling him a patriot. Those who believed that Britain had a right to rule over India called these people terrorists, while those who were of the view that Britain had no right to rule India called them patriots and freedom fighters.

    It is therefore important that before a person is judged, he is given a fair hearing. Both sides of the argument should be heard, the situation should be analyzed, and the reason and the intention of the person should be taken into account, and then the person can be judged accordingly.

    7. Islam means peace

    Islam is derived from the word ‘salaam’ which means peace. It is a religion of peace whose fundamentals teach its followers to maintain and promote peace throughout the world.

    Thus every Muslim should be a fundamentalist i.e. he should follow the fundamentals of the Religion of Peace: Islam. He should be a terrorist only towards the antisocial elements in order to promote peace and justice in the society.

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    of course the right minded ones will not agree to this! the people doing this give islam a bad name. n i know in islam, one who take another human being's life is commiting a big big sin. and one who take another fellow muslim's life, is committing an even bigger sin.

    it is wrong. all right minded muslim know that. but even the right minded muslims cannot do anything to stop these crazy ones.

    they have no right to kill at all. and while they kill, they claim that this is islam's law, which is total bullsh*t.

  • I feel pity for the poor souls, as Muslims are warned about committing suicidal acts. It is told that they will keep on dying like that for eternity, no matter how pious they were. It is strictly prohibited.

    But if we think fairly, is it so easy to commit suicide? What are the causes that force a sane person (and I say sane because a suicide attacker attacks when it's most suitable, he's not a retard and has good analytical skills like a normal human!) to blow himself up.

    Maybe the reason fo him to go for suicide would be a United States Air Force pilot who, after applying Johnson's Mothercare lotion on his hands and face, having a can of Coke, putting on Tissot watch on his muscular wrist, flew off and dropped hundreds of lbs. of bombs on a school in Iraq, from thousands of feet above ground.

    I am especially proud of US ground forces. They're so brave that after the US government spends millions of dollars of tax payer's money on their training and state-of-the-art equipment, they wait for the air support for air strikes. Once the carpet bombing is through from an altitude of 60,000 feet (where any militant's firepower doesn't reach) and all the militants have met death, the US ground Forces attack most vehemently, with gallant gestures and valour, and after a 2 hours gun battle they capture 3 boys of 15 years and 2 women. Bravo! Bravo! Now this is an action-packed adventure that I like about the Americans.

    Is this much insult enough or are you more shameless :)

    P.S. Pardon me if their are any mistakes in my English, it's not my mother tongue. I have to tolerate this language cuase Americans are too dumb-headed people to have learnt Urdu. :)

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