Which cosmetics company has the best career opportunities?

I am trying to get into a cosmtics company where i will be my own boss. Want to know which is the best as far as the advancement opportunities because I have higher goals for myself.

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    I'm not sure exactly what you are looking for, but I'm an Avon Representative. With Avon, the earning opportunities are endless. There is being an Avon Representative who just makes commissions basically off of his/her sales. Then you have Avon Reps that go into leadership. That is where the Avon Rep begins recruiting others to sell Avon. The Avon Rep will mentor and develop his/her downline to help them succeed.

    There are 4 levels of Leadership with Avon. The first level is Unit Leader where you have atleast 5 members of your downline.

    The next step up is Advanced Unit Leader. To become an Advanced Unit Leader, at least 2 members of your downline must go into leadership and become Unit Leaders.

    To become Executive Unit Leader, you must have 6 Unit Leaders under you.

    Senior Executive Unit Leader you must have 9 Unit Leaders, 2 of whom are Executive Unit Leaders.

    Of course, there are sales goals that each level must reach also, but its not hard. The earning potentials are amazing with Avon, you just have to fight the war to win the battle. You start out small and grow and develop you business as fast and as large as you want it.

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    Just remember regardless of which company you decide to work for, that the only way to really advance is to show results. You can't advance if your sales are ugly.

    My list of "Enterprenurial" types of cosmetics companies...

    1. Motives - awesome color, more specific clientele

    2. Artistry - a niche market

    3. Mary Kay - unfortunately they are overpopulated with reps and hence harder to make your goals

    4. Avon - Again, same as Mary Kay.

    Also, theoretically you could get a job at a department store cosmetics counter and do more work on the side. I work for a Clinique counter and the hourly wage sure pays the bills, whereas on my free time I make contacts and freelance through modelmayhem or other online modelling sites.

    Hope this helps!

    Source(s): Makeup Artist for Clinique Cosmetics 2 years Makeup Artist for Estee Lauder 1 year Makeup Artist and Shiseido counter manager 1 year Freelance in cooperation with Jenny Ling of Motives
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    I would say Mary Kay, but I'm severly allergic, so your next best choice should be Avon. They do so much including make up, and it's so easy to become your own boss.

    You can stick with the cosmetics side or branch out into the other stuff they do.

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    No cosmetic company is going to get to you to the point where you are your own boss.. they have people already filling that position. To be your own boss you have to start from scratch, gaining vital skills in the industry. I did a MAC makeup and skin course, now i'm a makeup artist. You cant jump from the bottom of the ladder to the top, you have to climb it.

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    i`d say the one with the highest pay just do some research and get ure masters degree that way it can b possible 4 u to b a boss!

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    mary kay, covergirl, avon

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    ummm try Bj Facial massage

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    mary kay

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