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Why is it when someone is bringing me down it is not as obvious as If you saw it happening in a movie?

If it was obvious when it happened I wouldn't let it happen! It feels like everything is so subtle, like my girlfriend cheating on me, if I saw that in a movie i'd be like "what the hell that idiot needs to get away from her, not accept her apology" but since I live in it, its not as obvious to me because it appears like so much more is happening in my mind, like a love connection we have. I wish I could just disconnect and see things from a third person perspective. Anyone have any ideas so that I can know what's going on better in situations?

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    When you are watching a movie...you are outside looking in. It is alot harder when you are inside looking out!! You have no perspective at all...a little insight...but not a good handle on things. In a movie you are not caught up in the emotions of the character...you can sympathize with them and be involved in the story laid out before you...but you aren't feeling them the same way and with the same passion.

    It is my firm belief that at some point in time we are going to be the person that we say to ourselves "You idiot why didn't you see THAT coming!?!" Of course, I just hope for my time it isn't a crazy killer running after me and I somehow keep tripping over flat ground without the logic to GET UP AND RUN like in stupid horror movies.

    The thing is...if someone would have presented you with a slide show...a convincing argument of how your girlfriend was...you may or may not have chose to believe it even then! As human beings, we rationalize things very well and let our feelings for someone blind us to everything that appears logical to others. Things that are too painful to comprehend...we tend to dismiss. Signs that are OVERT and GLARING we tend to ignore so that we can keep our lives free of pain and upheaval. You shouldn't beat yourself over trusting someone and getting hurt BY THEM. That isn't your fault at all. Chalk it up to lesson learned...give yourself time to heal...and move on to something better!! Good luck and take care!! : )

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    Because in a movie, you can see the things happening from everyones perspective and not only yours, but in real life you only see from your perspective, try to think from the other persons mind and you will see things whole lot differently, and you can make better decisions, and know things much early

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    you need to discuss your problems with someone to be able to have a good look at how the situation looks from the outside. When you are in love with a person, for you, whatever they do is justifiable, which is not in every case!

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