What is next after we die?

Why people are not thinking about the future after we die?

Why people are always thinking there needs and happiness of this temporary life?

Who can help us to obtain the real world after we die?

Is the bible can give us the true way of salvation?

What is the different between man who walk to God's way or biblical way and man who walk on human way

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    1 decade ago
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    Just do your best and don't lose any sleep over it, okay?

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    Some people are thinking about the future after they die--you are.

    We live in the here and now and we are physical. The real life is a hard concept to grasp especially if you have never been taught.

    God and Jesus and the people here on earth who are trying to do their will can all help you to obtain life everlasting, but in the end, no one can do it for you.

    Yes, the Bible shows us the true way to salvation. It is God's letter to us and he has preserved it for our benefit for thousands of years.

    People who walk in God's way show love for one another and for God. They try to always present themselves in a favorable light because they would not want to dishonor God or bring reproach on his name. Men who walk in human ways are much more concerned with physical things, although there are many good people out there who will eventually come to know God. If there weren't still people out there like this, God would already have begun Armegeddon.

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    1 decade ago

    yes you can obtain a another life after death,

    When I was in school , my pal next to me needs to work really very hard for the maths. But for me its easy as secondnature.

    I was thinking to myself , what's wrong with him.

    Still confused it DNA of my father which I carry or The good Deeds which I brought from my previous life.

    Some of my classmates are ugly as robiee williams. And I'm handsome and getting all the hot chicks around me.

    So I'm thinking what brought them to that stage.

    The food what they eat or there parents body structure.

    The Bibal did not gave me a right answer for that.

    Finally I found the answer for that. I'm still seeking.

    But for sure - U will have a nother life. . So dont f u c k arround. Jesus and allah are only fairy tale stories. Every action has a reaction. What goes up must come down.

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    We believe in Paradise and Hell. Paradise is the abode of enjoyment which God, the Exalted, prepared for the righteous. The blessing they enjoy there, no eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard of, and no human being has ever imagined: "No soul knows what comfort is kept hidden for them, as a reward for that which they used to do." (32:17) Hell is the abode of punishment which God has prepared for the unbelievers and the evildoers. The torture and horror in it cannot be imagined

    Source(s): For more info. http://www.islamdoor.com/
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    first you should learn better English.

    Second you should except the possibility that there is no life after this one. Live for today. It would be sad to see your face after you die and realize there is nothing, your just dead and you wasted your whole life working for the afterlife.

    Any Christian who would like a good debate on the existance of god my AIM name is bahtzee.

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    no one has known the life after death.

    and it is not proved scientifically and visually.

    so, better we all live to our liking now itself.

    be honest and kind hearted u will be rewarded properly.

    there s nothing like god's way in earth.

    u cannot be 100% through god's way.

    u have to be a human as on earth.

    only the good and bad percentage matters.

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    People are so caught up in what is in front of them. Their personal pain or struggle, the business of this life etc.

    It is one of the Evil One's favorite tactics to keep people from counting the cost for thier decisions and actions.

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    1 decade ago

    Some people (including me) believe that this is the only life we get. Some of us don't believe in any form of an afterlife, so we try to make the best of this life, because we don't believe anything comes next.

    Source(s): I'm an atheist.
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    After death here on earth, your body dies and your spirit rest. If you live in Christ then you rise in Him. The bible says when the angels sound the horn, the dead in Christ will rise first then those who are alive here on earth will meet him in the air.

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    1 decade ago

    i'm a muslim and we believe that after we die we will be punished first in our grave for the bad things we did. in our grave, we're just waiting for judgement day.

    then judgement day where our good and bad deeds are counted. if we're good, heaven. bad, hell.

    but fo muslims, if they go to hell, they wont stay there for long. they're just gonna pay off the bad things they did and when theyre finished they can go to heaven.

    other religion... i'm not sure what will happen to them...

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    well im not a very religous (srry cant spell) person but i belive in rebirth and reincarnation i belive all the people you are around now you were with in some way in a past life but yeah i think thats tied into buddism or hindu or one of them but like i said not relgious

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