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Do you think the metallica album, "kill em all" representing racism? if so then what is it discriminating?

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    i imagine they just mean anyone who gets in your way, not a particular race. i mean they had millions of people listening to their albums i don't think all those people were racist. rather, maybe they just had an apetite for destruction. more of general frustration.. like screw the world!

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    Now that's just silly...

    When Metallica started out Glam Rock was the thing to do, all those bands wore girly makeup and dressed up in spandex and silly stuff like that. Metallica wore jeans and t-shirts. If "Kill 'Em All" is referring to anything it's the glamrockers and other competition in the rock/metal scene. There is absolutey nothing racist, or even descriminatory, in any way at all on the cd. You would know that if you ever listened to it or at least read the lyrics. That album is just pure, raw, in-your-face heavy f*ck!ng metal! \m/

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    killing is about killing. why does that have to be about race. the only color on the album was the red blood.

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    i agree with the fact that it isn't pionting to a race...............anyways, the point of music first and foremost isn't to create hordes of blood sucking racists but rather to entertain........people shouldn't get influenced by it

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