foreign exchange?

what is it like to have a foreign exchange student living with you temporarily? what does the program involve?


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    The last two answers were very negative. You must be prepared for a lot of things when an exchange student lives with you- they are adjusting to a new culture, they are tired, they are learning new things, they are intimidated. It can be a very rewarding experience though because you will be the one teaching them the language and the culture. They will also teach you many things. I participated in the Rotary Exchange Study Abroad program and all of the participants were wonderful people. If you are going to have an exchange student live with you I would suggest doing research on where they are from and also knowing a lot of people in the organization in case you need to speak with anyone.

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    My sister had a girl from Korea stay with us for the whole school year and it was miserable. The girl was a witch she was lazy and she never helped out around the house. All she did was eat and watch television. On the other hand when I was in high school we had 2 girls from Japan live with us for a while and they were great. I think that it just depends where they are from.

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    it kinda sucks dick, unless they smoke pot then its sweet.

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