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I am travelling to Dublin from abroad.Can I cross to London via Belfast.Do I ned a separate visa for doing so?

Can I cross over to belfast from Dublin and go on to London?I will be flying into Dublin and returning back home from Dublin on my way back as well.

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    It really depends in the country of your citizenship, and how you're crossing into Great Britain. Most countries are fine to enter both ROI(Republic of Ireland) and the UK without a visa in advance, however, there are some exceptions, and unfortunately, somes countries are fine for one, but not the other, for example, of you're from Vatican City(?), you need a visa for the UK, but not for ROI.

    These countires DO NOT need a visa for ROI:

    These counties DO need a visa for the UK: - (the site covers visitor visas as well)

    That being said, crossing into the UK from Ireland on a ferry can sometimes be a non-event. The last time I traveled from Belfast into Scotland, they never checked us once, and I've NEVER seen the slightest bit of border control on the roads between Northern Ireland and ROI... however, it's best to be prepared.

    Rules are slightly different if you're flying from Belfest however. Since they usually require a passport to fly, even between islands in the UK, then they will mostly likely ask if you have a valid visa if you require one.

    Good luck.

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    Of course you to London via Belfast after Dublin and you do not need a separate visa. I am going next month.

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    if u can enter the UK (UK visa) you can enter Belfast...I guess you have an Irish visa if you're in Dublin at the minute.

    Whilst you may get across the border from Ireland to Northern Ireland without problems, DO NOT try to enter the UK by flying from Belfast to London without a visa!

    If you're an EU citizen, Japanese, Malaysia etc etc you will not need a specific visa to enter the someone else said it depends on your nationality

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    it would probably be ok, check will your department that you got your visa from.

    and it would probably be cheaper to fly direct from dublin to london, visit these sites for prices

    have a nice holiday.

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