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Islam women, why do you have to walk three steps behind your husband?

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    I think maybe you're thinking of some Asian cultures. Traditionally, Japanese women must put men before themselves, and I believe the same goes for Koreans. As far as I know, there is nothing in the Quran that states that a woman must walk behind a man, but I'm not sure because I'm Christian. I have a friend who is Muslim, I'll ask him about it.

    You know, some times there are Muslim cultures that adopt customs that are not really a mandate of the religion, like female circumcision. Some times local customs or traditions are mistaken for being the belief or tradition of an entire religion or culture, and that's not just with Muslims.

    At least you asked, though. It's the best way to get an answer.

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    Whoa! That's not Islamic, that's old world dominance.

    That's the same as asking why women in the 10th century had to walk behind their courter. It's not a religious tennant, that is merely a societal situation and is not a demand by any relgious practicioner.....but nationalistic societies.

    You have been given old world traditions as current fact. a Wives' Tale, or fiction with no basis outside of what "that" person has seen without knowing the tradtions or laws of the land they were visiting.

    You have just degraded yourself by believing such rubbish as fact for all in a stereotypical statement.

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    Seems like Ms. Sara has watched some Republican director's movie, based on the lives of Muslim women in Afghanistan. Ohh Americans, when will you open your eyes. You're finished with your self-centered society and the thought that you people are the most smart race in the world. In fact, you're one of the most dumb nations of the world who blindly follow their Jewish controlled media and rely on biased news channels such as Fox News where they make a documentary in their backyard, claiming the movie to be original and showing a Muslim woman walking behind her husband. Stupid! When would you grow up? Asian women tend to walk behind their husbands coz of regional customs and traditions (that I don't support neither believe in) but it's not according to Islam. I suggest you get any book written by Dr. Zakir Naik on women's rights and get your facts straight.

    Otherwise be ready to live in your 'free' world, full of hungry males ready to swear their love for you, take advantage of you like a slave, then toss you away like an object. This is not so in Islam.

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    no sister, my husband either holds my hand or he places his hand on my shoulder when we walk. infact sometimes i walk in front of my husband while shopping. and it is i who runs my house-hold.

    if my husband is the head of my family then i am the lil princess of his castle. and trust me some men in ur country may lack somewhere along the line in keeping their wives satisfied, but my husband keeps me contented in all aspects. and vice-versa.

    in some conservative societies, like India and Africa, people always walk behind their husbands, inspite of not being a muslim. what do u have to say about that? it all in the ethics and values not religion.

    in such close-knit societies, people will never single out from the rest of the society. and just walking in front of the man does not make u all liberated. liberation and freedom is the responsibility and trust someone has placed in u. and u should never belie the trust.

    but i know many educated and civilised people who have given their women the freedom but have always controlled them by domestic voilence or had made a sexual object out of them. may be for a beginner like u, Discovery Crime scenes will be a good place to start. trust me thats the freedom and respect a liberated woman gets.

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    i`m also a Muslim but i necessarily don`t do that just because i was not raised to do that but for some Muslims walking behind your husband represents respect towards the male and if your a Muslim women you have to show respect towards any man even if hes younger then you,it sucks sometimes but that's just the way it is.

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    i'm not married yet, but when i am, i'm obviously not going to "walk 3 steps behind" my husband. (why 3 steps btw and not, say, 10? lol).

    Islam teaches husband and wife to care and love for each other :)

    btw, it's supposed to be "Muslim women" ,not "Islam women".

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    Show me any verse in Quran or Hadits where it says Women should walk three steps behind the husband???????

    Its your misconception there is nothing written in quran abt that thing.

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    1 decade ago

    that was in the past

    now islamic women walks beside their husbands

    come to Egypt

    and u'll know

  • hello Dear, i'm a muslim girl & let me tell u this...

    my mom walks next to my dad & they're holding hands sometimes so how can they hold hands while she's 3 steps behind him? it's gonna be difficult isn't it! we don't do this in our country ,maybe it was in the past , coz we're treated equally so there's no reason for the woman to walk behind her man coz they have the same rights...

    glad i can help :-)

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    Christian people, are all catholic, christian priest/fathers child molesters?? Do they all rape little boys and girls?? Just curious cuz its soo easy to catergorize muslims for their wrong doings so i figured hey, why not put ALL christians/catholics into the same catergory and say just because there are evil people in those religions that commit grave sins, that ALL of them do so. Just like you people point fingers at all of us muslims whenever some idiot who happens to be a muslim does something terrible.

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