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Is it possible to cheat on an EMIT drug test?

I believe that my daughter is using cocaine. I have evidence of this in her room .?

(razor blades with white residue, straws) She has lost weight and has no appetite. I asked her probation officer to test her and he gave her an EMIT test and she PASSED! How is this possible? I have researched this and found nothing. Can anyone help?

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    Cocaine doesn't stay in your system very long.

    he could have caught her at a good (or bad depending on who your talking to) time. you should discus this with him and see if he will keep up a regular suggestion of random testing.

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    you can cheat on just about any drug test ; plus i think coke leaves your system pretty quickly if your a thinner person. in addition to that the EMIT is only a screening, not an actual test.........big difference. Screenings are a little more low key. Is someone watching her while she does the test? The most common way to "cheat" on your big test is to have someone pee for you so their not really testing your urine...ya know?

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    I have a friend whose sister uses someone elses urine when she gets tested. She puts it in a bottle or baggy and puts it down her pants to keep it warm...then dispenses when she gets there. Do they actually watch her urinate, if not...this is a very high possibility. Most "friends" will donate urine for a cause!

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    I don't know!

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