Will my passion be the end of me?

First, as any of these questions may start off, it's about a girl. This girl is almost assuredly out of my possible reach.

I've always been told that anything is possible. Is it stupid and futile to hope for the possibility of meeting her? I don't have any life goals along the lines of money, family, vehicles, and so I have nothing to risk and my whole life to dedicate.

Here lies the problem. It's impossible. Have you wanted something you couldn't possibly had and gave up on it? Did your regrets eat you alive for the rest of your life? Would it be better to try and fail than never try?

I know this sounds like an obsession, and it probably is, but I'm not going to do anything crazy like stalk her or kidnap her, just want to meet her.

Do you have any advice on what I should do? (Give up? Make a buttload of money and use that as power? Alter my life goals to coincide with hers?)

Am I stupid for wishing on a childish fantasy? What are your thoughts?


She probably doesn't have a bodyguard, but you're getting close to how difficult this would be for me. And no, its not Jessica Simpson! *gross*

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    Is this a childhood friend of yours?

    Well, we are reaching the limits of what advice a person can give to another when it comes to a question like this. I guess it's on a larger playing field, a more philosophical one - the effects run further than the relationship game, since it is potentially a life making or breaking decision whether you get with a girl that is so important to you.

    There are three levels of 'interest' you might have in this girl, and they should determine your answer.

    1: A girl you see alot, who is hot - This is unlikely, by the seriousness of your question. If this is the case, go for it, hit on her, be confident, but be prepared to get over it.

    2: A girl who you've known a while, or seen for a while- Don't sweat it, she isn't your soulmate. It could just be admiration, or a love crush sort of thing.

    3: A girl you've liked a long time, who has a personality that does not make you feel oppressed, weak, or useless. If this is the case, you have to get this girl. Check your premises, think hard, make sure this girl is worth it. If she really is amazing to you, then you absolutely have to try, giving up would be injust to yourself.

    Reading your post again, I realize you say something about not having met her. That's the easiest confidence breaker there.

    I'm going to jump the gun. Go for it, there is the possibility you could get very, very, hurt. BUT, the things you will learn will be astounding. There is a degree of difficulty involved in getting a girl you like. Sometimes the girl is measuring your value as a person, sometimes she is measuring shallow things, like how you make her reflect off of you. If you are seriously interested in pursuing her, then by all means, do so. The journey itself would teach you alot.

    Again, if this girl isn't too important, you should know not to stress over it.

    Remember, make yourself happy. You are the be all and end all. You can try to make girls, and others, happy all your life, but will be a coward for not making yourself happy first and foremost.

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    You said yourself, that it is ‘impossible’…

    Why waste your life going after something you know you can never have?

    Is it just ‘wishful thinking’ on your part, that suggests you can do the impossible?

    I guess what it comes down to, is your acceptance of ‘reality’.

    How long have you felt this way about the girl?

    If you finally do get the chance to meet her… What if she doesn’t like you?

    You are obsessed with a girl you have never met… Perhaps a ‘reality check’ is in order.

    Do you want to spend your life chasing a dream that could well turn into a nightmare?

    Or do you want to stay focussed on the real world, and the only life you have?

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    Let me tell you one thing, if you want it bad enough NOTHING is impossible. You are worth alot, and if you just have enough patience, and endurance, it will happen.

    And guys like you actually get lukier then the rest!

    from a girl who used to be prom queen/famous in school/only ever went out with famous guys, and now fallen in love with the simple queit guy who always stayed away from me. Marrying him soon.

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    Does she know you feel this way? Wait are you talking about....no you couldn't mean......Jessica Simpson? Oh well, just call her up....Nick is out of the picture so maybe you have a shot.

    Sorry...have to have some humor.

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    fantasies are better than reality. If you can make it happen good for you. But if her security guard or boyfriend beats your ***. You asked for it.

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