please help me friends.....................?

i have ADSL connection in my office, how many meters i can extend my conncetion.

i want to extend my connection to my home, my home is located with in 100 meters, is it possible to connect ADSL line.

if yes tell me what i have to do, what i have to purchase.

if no tell me why.

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    You will need a wireless router capable of 300 meters or more and wireless cards with the same range for the computers you want to add unless they already have them. Keep in mind tho, some routers and cards claim to have longer range but these are under ideal conditions! Find these items with the longest range you can get! As the fellow above states, if you want cheap you can make your own network cable if you dont mind running it that far. The latter requires only a wired router.

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    ethernet is only good for 100 feet..usb to go wireless with a relay point for that router. be sure to set up your ESSID and wireless security on the router. I use WEP but prefer WPA as it resets the access security all the time making hacking a bit more difficult.

    IF you can buy an ActionTec Modem (GT701 or better) their relay stations are wonderful depending on the line-of-site issues that all wireless connections have.

    I think a meter is equal to ab out a this should work either way..if it were me I would stick with wireless.

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    ethernet would have to be outdoor rated cable to go between buildings.


    ==== : ethernet

    - - - - : 802.11a/b/g/?

    <| |> cipe tunneled network - 192.168.2.x/24

    <dsl connection/router>==||linux firewall||=={office lan}===[#1 el-cheapo linux box terminating cipe tunnel]==<|==[802.11 bridge]- - - - - - - - [802.11 bridge]==|>==[#2 el-cheapo linux box terminating cipe tunnel]----{home network}

    home network - 192.168.1.x/24 with default gateway being #2 el-cheapo linux box, whose default gateway is the #1 el-cheapo linux box.

    office lan - 192.168.0.x/24 with default gateway being the linux firewall, gateway to home lan being the #1 el-cheapo linux box.

    this looks complicated because it is. it's required for wireless to be secured. otherwise your neighbors will be getting free internet and access to your machines because native 802.11 security is laughable at best.

    no matter what you do configuration wise, wireless will always be less secure than wired. in wired, there will only ever be two entities on a single cable.. either end. with wireless, anyone within range can start grabbing data and statistically brute force the keys out of the datastream. use security external to the wireless datastream (tunnelled encapsulation and/or RADIUS) and you eliminate a large portion of this schoolbus sized security hole. it really depends on how much you value your data.. your call. wireless is like installing a free network jack on your property boundaries for anyone to connect to at leisure.

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    You can do it with the help of lan card, cable networking

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