When we delete a file from recycle bin where it goes? Bcz file can be recovered by recovery software.?

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    When you delete something via the recycle bin, only the pointer to the location on the disk gets deleted. The data itself is still on the disk, until that location on the disk is over written.

    There are a number of utilities available to recover accidentally deleted files.

    Google or yahoo software to recover accidentally deleted files



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    Since you probably don't know how a hard drive works let me try to explain it to you. Your hard drive is just a few disks sitting ontop of eachother that has a magnetic arm that reads and writes. Basically it works like the vinyl records you used to play only a lot more compact and a few extra features. Instead of reading sound you're reading ones and zeros and instead of only reading you can also write.

    Ok so what happends when you erase a file?

    You remove the reference to the file. Lets say I delete a file called myfile. Your system puts it in the recycle bin. Now you empty the recycle bin the computer basically forgets where it put that file. If your computer forgets where it put that file then it's free to reuse that space for some other file. However with the right tools it might be possible to find that file again, but if your computer has already reallocated the space where the deleted file used to be then you're SOL.

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    The files are stored in the hard disk with a pointer to the location of the hard disk and some configuration on that pointer , like the size of the file , where the files begins and etc.

    When you delete your files from the recycle bin the computer will only delete the pointer of the files on the hard disk and will remove it from the map file of the hard disk but the real file is still physicaly exist there until a new file is written on it.

    But if no file was written on it you can recover it with searching the physical hard disk not the file map of the hard disk that is stored in VOLUME INFORMATION FOLDER.

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    Well the first answer is a bit weird

    Anyway, files are not deleted until they rare replaced with others thats why you can recover them as you know

    Thus, the files are still the the same place (i would guess either the recycle bin or its original place (not sure)) all that happens is your operating system thinks you deleted it, because thats what the computer tells it. Check out the sourece link

    is this worth a best answer?

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    when we delete a file from recycle bin, the data of the file will be lost but the image of the file still remains on the hard disk. when u use the recovery software it takes tht image and converts in to data file which can be used further.

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    i don't think that it goes anywhere, it just has it's directory name removed, and it waits to be overwritten by the next bit of info that you download or add via cd or dvd.

    the recovery software looks for everything on the drive, not just the stuff with a directory name.

    i'm not a guru or anything, but i think thats how it works. i may be wrong!

    hope it helps!

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    The file still is on the hard disk.Just it is dis-associated with its former name. And it will be overwritten by other files in due course of time.

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    it still in hardisk,just reference to file have been removed by windows ,u can still get u file back with revocery software

    if u want go to


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    Yes its possible but is it worth paying money?

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