What and where are all the different ethnic populations in the entire state of Oregon?

Are there more Chinese people in SE Portland? Where do different ethnic populations reside?

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    For Portland:

    No, the Asians, you'll find (if you're younger) are down by PSU, which is downtown. That school's gotta be 30 per cent Asian.

    There's a coffee shop down there that's all Asian--on certain nights white people can't go in there. The Asian mobs are across Burnside, over at Louie's. Don't ever do anything but eat there. On the whole, don't hang out in China town unless you're a tough-*** bastard.

    SW is white, Islamic, Jewish (it seems like a mix but once you see the geography you'll understand) and a litte bit of everything. Deep Tron'll have more Asians and Latinos.

    SE is the new black. NE is the old black, with lotsa gays, especially lesbians in the old days. It's getting yuppie white now.

    Portland is the gay Capitol of America, I don't care what they say about san Fran. SE is the clearing house of people who were generally shat on when the city starting selling out to yuppies. On 39th and Powell there are lots of blacks--more than I've ever seen in any other part of the city, except my old hood, NE. There's no black culture here though, unlike NE. This place is just a hodgepodge of poorer people.

    If you want Asian stores and stuff, try Beaverton-Hillsdale Hwy. There'e an Uwajimayia there and a bunch of stores with fronts not-in-English. Hawiian fests on the weekends. Asian churches in the hood, which is called SW. They're not in a bloc though. SW is lotsa Asians, but no clique. They're suburban.

    The thing is it doesn't matter. Once in Portland, you forget all that. It's kinda weird how there aren't so many Asians, Latinos and Blacks here, but hell. People here are cool. It's only cause nobody knows about this place but computer engineers and graphic designers who went to school here. Portland is all good colleges and no old people. Bush senior called it Beirut. And we rock it.

    If you move here, forget about the stuff you've though about. Nobody cares here. Just do well for yourself and live well. Go out and have a good time. Welcome to Portland.

    (I should mention black teenagers should be wary of cops. They're a little Idaho...and trigger happy.)

    I should also mention deep SE 82nd to 100 streets are ghetto with lots of 555s. It's nasty up there.

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    Cause this is 2006.. people are everywhere.

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