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i have white small pimples look-a-like on my face growing.. does anyone know what it is? it doesnt go..?

it cant be pushed or whatever..

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  • Shan
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    1 decade ago
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    its white heads.. once infected, they'll turn into pimples. otherwise, they'll just remain there. u can have it lasered away.

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    I can't remember the name for them,I had one for years so I done some reasearch and found they can be removed by laser or you could do what I done and pinch it until it is real visabale and use a small pair of scissors that are sterial and make a tiny cut into it and squeeze it out,it was not very painfull and healed withen 2 days.

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    White heads

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  • bunton
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    4 years ago

    no longer something to fret approximately. that is in basic terms somewhat zits equivalent to what you get on your face. you may go away it for now as that is not hurting and it would desire to in basic terms fade away with the help of itself, or you may supply it a squeeze and get the fat out to alleviate it. you may desire to discover it valuable to pluck the hair besides as this could be the commencing up of an ingrown hair. each and each follicle fairly has 3 hairs in it and positively one of those would have did no longer discover its way out. in case you have shaved down there that's much extra probably.

  • 1 decade ago

    Its fat and the best way to get it off is to get a good facial scrub and use it initially twice a day and they will go away

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    you have to see your derm... i'm seeing all these questions about whitning skin, but what those things actually are is a fungus growing. go see your derm right away and stop with the q's about it. i'm not bs-ing you.

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