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How does an individual increase their self-esteem,?

in spite of rejections, mistakes, obstacles such as poor health and restricted movement, and many failures. How can a friend help to pick this person up and support them as they 'try' to accomplish the tasks ahead?

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    Show them positive aspects about their self. Don't allow them to say or think negative comments.

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    The easiest way to increase self esteem is to make a written list of small goals and tasks to accomplish for each day, and for the week . Make sure to keep the list "Do-Able", like 10 things for the day.

    Then get busy and do those things. Check each one off as you do it. At the end of the day, look at the list of your accomplishments, give yourself a pat on the back, and tell yourself how proud you are that you accomplished these things.

    Make sure you've put a least one thing on the list each day that is a little challenging, something that pushes you a little.

    Focus on accomplishing those little tasks everyday and focus on the fact that you are getting them done.

    Make sure those tasks are oriented towards a longer term goal.

    Example: I want to lose 20 pounds in 2 months. Then you'd want to have some items on your list that will move you towards that goal, like exercise 30 minutes, or eat 3 light healthy meals with no snacking.

    Accomplishment, daily movement towards a goal, checking off the successes, will all quickly add to better self esteem.

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    love yourself, and remember that "I am the world - my world starts the moment I am born, and ends the moment I am dead. ".As an exercise, try to become another person, some one you know so very well and try to think like them; to actually see through their mind's eye.Do this for a few minutes at least for ten days. If you cannot do this nor can anybody else become You. And then you realize how unique You are, and each one of us are. Always make your own decisions, and take full responsibility for your actions based on your own decision -Tough NO? Then you have no one to blame if things go wrong but you are free and able to change your decisions and choices , because You made them. There is no easy shortcuts to realizing your full potential good luck!

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    Buy your friend a gift... How about a book? All purpose driven Life can help. A pet could help also. Family support is also important.

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    Find something they are good at and focus on that. Giving back to others is also a good way to feel better. When you see people worse of than you and help those people it makes you feel like a better human being (not better than them, just a nicer person)

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    Stop taking crap from yourself and other people. Be a mental fighter. Don't kick yourself in the *** if you get rejected. Go to a damn strip club if you need attention from girls. Stop accepting yourself as you are get up and do something about it.

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    simple but difficult three ways.

    1. by avoiding loose talks

    2. not poking their nose into issues until they are asked for opinions

    3. not talking at the back.

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    The friend should begin weight lifting. The individual should get a life and stop annoying their friend.

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    REAL self esteem has to come from inside... it cant be created by someone else... you can be there when they want to talk, you can give them your views on situations when their own views are flawed, you can even ask them "how can i support you in this"

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    achieve a goal or accomplish things

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