What jobs will a Masters degree in Physics qualify me for? I mean any job not just related to Physics.?

I am getting a Masters Degree in Computational Physics. It consists of all of the core Computer Science courses as well as all required courses for a Physics degree.

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    On Wall Street, the intuitive stock pickers are being replaced by people with strong math skills who can manage risk analysis. These new quantitative analysts ("quants" for short) are in high demand, and the pay is much better than a career in academia.

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    A strong technical background is becoming increasingly useful in the fields of public policy, urban planning, and environmental studies, computer science, technology, and society, with a focus on computational physics.Persons with a good grounding in physics are employed in all fields of engineering, in basic and applied research in physics, materials science, astronomy, optics, chemical physics, geophysics, and biophysics, as well as teaching, medicine, and law.

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    * National Academy of Sciences http://www.nationalacademies.org/

    * American Institute of Physics: e-Updates - latest data on education and employment in physics and related fields http://www.aip.org/

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    How about a Physicist?

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    You can work in NASA!!!

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