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is it bad to want to inflict pain on someone?

the amount of hate i have for him now is nothing compared to love i have for him but i want so much for a great amount of pain to be inflicted upon him. is that wrong?

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    learn to forgive and forget. retaliation only drops you down to his level and you may get arrested. remember-- what comes around goes aroung-- karma will catch up with him if he done you wrong-- believe these things i say. if you still love him-- forgive him and let him know you will not tolerate him misbehaving

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    Yes!!!! I'm afraid of what the world is coming to, Not to mention how people perceive what love and hate are. ISN'T THE WORLD SO VERRRRY FULL OF PAIN AND HURT NOW?????? Why in the world would you even entertain the thought of hurting someone you SUPPOSEDLY love???? Be Brave, Get some counseling and spread some love around, the world needs it. There's no shortage of hurt and pain. WE'VE GOTTA HAVE MORE COMPASSION ON EACH OTHER!!!

    Source(s): Me, common sense, and brotherly love.
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    Yes it is bad to want to inflict pain on someone. It is not healthy.

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    I think you know the answer to this one.... you are just looking for justification to what you want and not necessarily what you believe.

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    Is just a little bit to crazy... chill out

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    do some of that jackazz, viva la bam, wildboy sh*t, its not wrong your jus a lil on the wildside

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    hell no, the best way to get it out is to get a punching bag and put his picture on it, works really well

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    depends on wht he did wrong

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