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How many members does USGA have, specifically, state-by-state?


I actually need to know the aproximate number of users in each state association.

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  • Doug
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    I can tell you how many golf course, how many golfers, and how many rounds they play, but USGA memebers by state who knows

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    The USGA is not the PGA I hope you realize, if so the USGA has millions, you must have a GHIN to play as an amateur in tournaments and the USGA provides a National handicap index for amateurs, this index is rated course by course. If one player has established a USGA handicap index on a hard course and the other persons index is from an easier course the handicap system will automatically adjust the index and handicap fairly if the two players compete anywhere. So if one guy always shoots a 75 on the easy course and the other guy a 75 on the harder course if they meet to compete the guy at the easier course would get strokes against the other. So if they both shot 75 at the same course the guy that's handicap was from the easier course would win.Go to for more info, I copied this from there for you..................From the official USGA site.....Today, USGA member club representatives control or own 10,600 golf courses with 171,000 holes, providing employment for thousands of people and places of play for millions of golfers. More than 680 clubs hold qualifying rounds for USGA or state golf championships. More than 400 member clubs have hosted a USGA championship.

  • Anonymous
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    Look at

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