are there any pictures that show a premonition sort of idea in them?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    It is not very clear from the question, what exactly you are looking for. My premonition is that you will not get many answers....

    Here are some premonition cartoons:

    There is a horror movie named Premonition:

    Dali's painting Premonition of Civil War can be found here:

  • ewing
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    4 years ago

    No you at the prompt are not on my own. you're proficient. prepare it established. they're like muscle mass, the more beneficial you make the most of your skills the more beneficial they develop. Im psychic too yet i visit't quite have visions and stuff like that. i visit sense energies, emotions and that i'm kinda telepathic. Im in worry-free words strong at receiving energies although, no longer sending. and that i have non secular understanding.(I merely understand issues all of unexpected) 2 weeks in the past, i change into about to pass to sleep and that i had my first actual inventive and prescient. I knew my hamster change into gonna die. I didnt understand it change right into a inventive and prescient until eventually eventually my hamster died the subsequent day.>.< Yea, both my moms and dads are psychics. they have non secular sight(something i don't have) and they could see ghosts and stuff. My step mom on the different hand received't even wanna listen about something. She's a *beep* so i visit't tell her. And many of the time, i'm tapping into her energies understanding what she's wondering.

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    1 decade ago

    beats me?

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