has anyone ever seen stuff dripping down their walls, in particular the bathroom walls, that resembles...?

a stickey pale in color maple syrup?? What the heck IS that??


and no, we don't smoke...

Update 2:

...and we repainted the bathroom about 6 months ago.

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    It is the surfectant leaching. Wash it off with soap and water. it will happen a couple more times before it is done. This is common with Latex paints in a humid environment.

    It is fine, it is just one of the reasons somepoepl like to paint with oil based paints in the bathroom.

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    1 decade ago

    First, don't panic...

    Chances are that what you are seeing is perfectly natural. In bathrooms especially, you get those strange drip marks from condensation caused by steam. It collects just about everywhere, but since steam is hot it tends to rise.

    What happens is the steam condenses back into water, and then trails down the walls collecting grime as it travels downward. A simple solution of 1/100 parts bleach to water will usually take care of the mess. Get a Scotch-Brite pad just in case, but you should be able to wash it away with a rag. If you must use the Scotch-brite pad, use it with a feather touch...

    If the bleach solution doesn't work for you, try something like Soft Scrub.

    The only real solution to the problem may be to completely enclose your shower and install a vent inside the shower are. However this will cause you a whole new set of problems. After you get the mess cleaned, you may want to consider re-painting (if you own the place). Use a stain blocking primer like Kilz, then paint the bathroom in a high gloss paint. That will minimize the effects in the future.

    If you are having this issue somewhere else in your home, you probably have a leaky roof, wall, or window somewhere. The same solution will clean that up too.

    When looking for the leak, don't restrict your search to the places just above the condensation marks. Water naturally looks for the lowest spot to travel to, and your leak may actually be several feet off to one side due to the imperfections of your home, the direction of cieling joists, settling, etc..

    It's all perfectly natural...


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    That's easy, That is caused by people taking showers and the moisture condensing on the walls and running down. The brown color is caused by cigarette smoke or just plain dirt and grime.

    To stop this:

    A: Quit taking showers

    B: Quit smoking

    C: Wash the walls with a sponge and a pail of water and a spoon full of trisodium phosphate and rinse with clear water and dry with a towell.

    D: All of the above

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    That is nicotine that has clung onto walls from smoking. It is more noticible on the walls in the bathroom because of the steam from the showers. Recommendation, wash walls with a rag and warm water and repaint walls.

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    If you happen to be a smoker, it's the nicotine dripping down the walls after the steam gets the smoke residue near the ceiling wet. Sometime though...it's just dust which accumulates near the ceiling...gets wet and runs down.

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    It's dirt and grunge. You'll really see it in homes of smokers because it builds up on the walls (and everything else) over time. You'll need mr. clean or something like that and handwash it down until it rinses clean.

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    Oh yes, I have written in bathrooms on the wall, and I know it was not nice to do, but I always left something funny, nothing perverted.

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    You should get the health inspector ASAP. I dont' think that's natural, and I have never heard of it before. You don't live in an apartment with upstairs neighbors do you?

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    you need put some killz on it or wash your walls it comes from the moisture from thebathroom after showers and such

    better ventalition will help

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