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Should i smile?

I am often so gloomy and my friends advise that i should smile more often to feel happy. I really did what he said but i found that ppl says i m stupid for smiling alone and for no reason. I m often dissuaded to continue what i m doing. Please help me! Tell me what i should do.

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    Ok this is kind of a silly question. Of course you should smile!!!!!!!!!!!!! Not only for you but for every one else. Just think, when you smile at someone you just might of made their day. You smilling at them might in turn help them to smile at someone else it will be a chain reaction. I would love to see a smile.

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    Misery loves company and no one can still your joy unless you let them. Smiles make you feel good about your self. Even if you start to feel down, think about things that make u happy or things that are funny. For example, think about things that have made u happy in the past like a guy talking to the girl of his dreams and his zipper is wide open and his penis is peaking out and she's smiling and giggling and he thinks she's interested in what he's talking about!!! Always remember, a smile never hurt anyone and a smile can go a long way!!! No one likes being around an unhappy camper!

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    Here's the problem, you need to do what makes you happy and not listen to other people. If smiling makes you feel good than do it!!!! A random smile can not only make you feel good it makes others feel good too. Who told you it was stupid to smile alone? You really need to stop listening to others negative comments, when people are negative it is usually because they are unhappy and they want others to be unhappy also, give those people a great big smile, if nothing else it will really annoy them and them you will really have something to smile about.

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    My husband gets mad at me all the time because I don't "seem happy." It drives me up a wall! He says it's because I don't smile all the time. And that's the thing, today's popular culture thinks that people, especially girls should be happy and smiling all the time, when in fact that is not the case and we get grouchy and crabby just like guys. It is a double standard and not fair that we should have to sport a smile just to make other people feel good. I wouldn't worrry about smiling all the time. Smile when you are happy. Smile when you feel like it. Don't worry about putting on a pretty face for a guy's mere satisfaction.

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    Well, it has been proven that even if you have nothing to smile about, if you do, it will lighten you up. But really, life is great, you should find things that make you happy. No need to be gloomy.

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    Yea you should smile but only when you feel like and it comes from your heart...other then that be your selfe and don't let anybody try to change who you are...oh dont forget to smile on your job interview...

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    forget smiling you might have depression in which case no amout of goofy smiling for no reason will fix it. Go see a doc to get advice.

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    you should talk to your friends more smiling for no reaosn is not a bad thing i do it sometimes. just think of something funny and smile and laugh. maybe wear alot more colors bright ones. laugh and have a good time.

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    i use to not smile but i didnt know what the big deal was about it. but as soon as i started smiling i felt happier. it is nice to smile you will feel good about yourself.

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    i hate when people say "smile"

    it's really just so they feel better. smile when the occasion calls for it.

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