How often do you have sex?

Alright.. my fiance and i are having this little discussion..

he says i'm a nympho bc i want sex more often in which we already have.. we have sex on average 5 times a week. i think that number should be doubled.

what does everyone think is the average.. what is to little and what is to much?

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    There have been many studies done on this and the fact is every person is unique and different in this area. Actually studies have shown that just after 3 years of marriage that couples have sex an average of 1 time per week. So at 5 times per week you are way ahead of that curve. Also take into account that some men need anywhere from 6 to 24 hours to fully recover their libido, but all men are different.

    There are other things you can do other than SEX. You can do mutual massage, bathe together, or even pretend ike you're going out on a first date again, go to a hill somehwere and make out for an hour straight (I'm dating a woman right now who LOVED doing that).

    I could give you an average number but that would not be fair to him or you because every couple is different. I think 5 times per week is more than fair and if you really have a much higher sex drive that he does than this is probably something that you two should look up with a sex therapist or couple's counselor. I once dated a woman who had a ** monster ** sex drive. She wanted it 3 to 5x a day! Well, I'm human and not a sex cyborg from the future that can go like the Energizer bunny.

    So we made a pact. I would help her get off even without penile penetration, assuming I had the time of course. She was insatiable. We had sex about 4 to 6 times a week and it was really wearing me out! I started getting self conscious and began questioning my manhood (this was years ago btw). Ultimately the relationship fizzled out for other reason, but I was amazed at her sexual appetite. Right after her I dated a woman who only wanted quickies, which really bothered me because I really enjoy taking my time. But she wanted no foreplay and only wanted it hard and fast.

    Just goes to show you that sex drives are as unique as people and snowflakes, though I think snow flakes are prettier! Hey, I've been up for 20 hours

    Rod Cortez

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    There is no number that is to much or to little to have sex in a week what ever pleases you if 10 times a week makes u happy do it I personally try to have it at least 5 times a week. He says your a nympho because he is having a hard time keeping up with you sexually he probably is just not on you need for sex in a single week don't worry I say keep up with what your doing and push for more sex he will come around.

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    This definitely depends on the potency and inclination of both the partners. Your passions and desires will tone down with time and there is no requirement of a debate. The tip is if you can get him attracted to you more often the more you will be able to enjoy.

    Whats also important is that both partners need to achieve satisfaction and feel the bliss emanating after a session. If either remains unsatisfied the fire will keep burning and thus the constant desire. Maybe some one needs to do a little thinking and take efforts in the right direction.

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    Obviously this completely depends on the person. For some, doubling that number would still not be enough, and for others, cutting that number in half would still be too much. What everyone else thinks is right for you doesn't matter, because we can only answer for ourselves.

    The only opinion I can give you is stop keeping score on sex, and try increasing your score on acts of kindness, genuine appreciation, thoughtfulness and respect. That will add so much more to your future marriage than sex ever could.

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    It's different for every couple. In my first marriage, we did it sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, but that was when we were allot younger. In my second marriage we did it about once a week, but my husband was 10 years older than me, and not much of a romantic. You need to work on some kind of a compromise. Is your bf tired out from work or something? Talk to him and make him see how important it is to you, maybe he just doesn't know. Lots of guys have this mistaken notion that girls "don't need it as much" and we all know that's just a myth. Good luck!

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    5 times a week is too little for me, too. I want it somewhere between once and twice a day on average at all times. That can mean some days not and others like 3 or 4, ya know?

    You may need to tie him up once in a while.

    For me it depends. I'll go like 3 months to a year and a half just jerkin it,

    then I find a woman I can be with (I have few options and am picky as hell),

    then like several times a day.

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    I think you should do most of the work in that case! Its hard work for the guy to go 10x a week. I think its lame for a girl just lay there like a dead pig.

    There are no too much or little. Its really the couple's hormone and energy level.

    I personally stopped this act 2 years+ and loving it.

    A little about me:


    Ken / Taiwanese, Chinese / 24 / Los Angeles / Pickup Artist

    "premarital sex creates broken families, broken families creates broken society - a vicious cycle only you can stop."

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    after 4 years and one baby we have sex 1-2 times a week. In the beggining of our relationship it was almost everyday.

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    that is really a question you should decide between the two of you. If he is worried you demand sex too much maybe you do or maybe you don't. Think on it to yourself. Ask yourself..Why do I want sex so much? If the answer is just..i like it. then no worries, but be honest to yourself please or it's irrelevant. Tell him why and talk to him about it. If he feels comfortable with it. Go ahead and roll in the sack whenever you want!

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    Married 11 years and maybe 4 times a moth, usually less. Time is hard, allergy seaon, yeast infection, always something. And then I get my period. I never have sex!

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