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Cell phone plan/merger help!!?


My Cellphone company, Cellular One, has merged with US Cellular. I really don't like my US Cellular service, only having it 3 days. Is there anyway that I can get out of my contract without paying a hefty fee??

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    My mom wants to cancel her Nextel plan and it costs 200 to cancel, but it makes sense because the plan is for another 9 months, and that adds up to 540 dollars so cancelling is obviously cheaper, just all at once.

    Although the pay for cancelling can be costly, see how long you have left before the plan ends, and how much money you spend by then and compare the prices (it may be like my mom's situation) then do what costs you less money. And no, there is no other way to get out of that contract unless you wait it out.

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    you can cancel if you have problems with the service. your best bet is to call the service provider tell them all the problems your having and have them try to fix the issues.

    if they cant fix them just call back in a few days and tell them again after a few tries then ask about breaking the contract since your problems cant be fixed!!

    because if you ask for breaking the contract on the first call they will notate that on the acct and u will be screwed!!!!!!!

    but if u live in an area (or have a friend/relative) that they cant provide service just say you live there and have a bill mailed there for one month cuz they ussually require u show the address with a utility bill mailed to your name at the address they dont provide service for.

    sorry if that was WAY to much information.

    Source(s): verizon customer care rep for 2 years!!
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