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What are some examples of historical events which were affected by geography?

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    Great Brittain was lucky to have the body of water, the english channel, between its land and France. Otherwise, Brittain would have been swarmmed with nazies.

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    Jared Diamond has a book, Guns Germs and Steel, that states

    Eurasia was able to dominate the world throught the luck of the land, beginning with the civilizations of the fertile crescent, how it was basically a luck of the land that helped the europeans to dominate over many others.

    Diamond also explains how geography shaped human migration, not simply by making travel difficult (particularly by latitude), but by how climates affect where domesticable animals can easily travel and where crops can ideally grow easily due to the sun.

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    Britain was unable to defeat Afghanistan during the Anglo-Afghan war due to the rugged nature of the terrain. Had Britain been able to establish a stronghold in Afghanistan, probably history would have taken a different direction. No 9/11 maybe!!

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    Napoleon's demise in Russia is a great one.

    Others off the top of my head:

    Searching for Osama Bin Laden

    Exploration of the Americas, and colonization thereof

    Spain and Portugal's location on the Atlantic leading toward them being oceangoing powers

    France's centralized location

    Both Germany and Japan fought in WWII over their need for expansion and lack of natural resources.

    The importance of the Panama and Suez Canals

    Many, many others.

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    you're no longer the 1st to experience like this - Henry Ford pronounced lots the comparable element. present day history is rather significant in information why issues have befell. The history marketplace is rather significant economically and culturally in some factors of the international - information what must be preserved demands a acceptable information of history. The corporation approximately repeating history's blunders is slightly specious - the international is constantly changing so the liklehood of the comparable set of situations occuring is distant.

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    the great volcanos erruption could be cosidered great historicat events..the Santorini who destroed the minoic civilization, Monserrrat, Mount St. Pierre, Mauna Kea?

    The first man's land on the moon?

    these are the fisrt that came first on my mind....

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    Napoleons march across russia failed because of the harsh conditions of the siberian winter.

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    the battle of Thermopylae

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