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After I recover from eye diseases I have a problem. My eyes are dry. I think tears not comming What can I do ?

Doctors has given refresh tears to use every day. I want to know is there any permenent solution ?

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    Why won't your doctors tell you what they think is going on? I would insist on them telling you what their diagnosis and prognosis is. Sometimes you really have to be the one to demand answers. In my experience with eye doctors, they don't volunteer a lot. It's probably because they're real busy and they have learned to make a patient visits as efficient as possible. Unless they're selling you laser surgery or glasses. But I think they should be the ones to answer your question, not Y!Answers.

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    Ask your doctor about Punctal Plugs. They are collagen, synthetic collagen or silicone implants that go into the lower tear ducts in order to keep your natural tears on the eye longer. You may have to still use artificial tears but not as often. You also may want to ask about Restasis. This is a Cortisporin drop that helps some people with chronic dry eye.

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    Surely your doctor is the best one to ask. Call his number tomorrow and ask to talk to his nurse. Ask her the question and she will answer it or else tell you she will ask the doctor and call you back with the answer. The only thing I can suggest is yawning. Try a great big sincere yawn and see if your eyes tear up. If so, you can do this sometimes to refresh your eyes. Good luck.

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    Take a teaspoonful of cod liver oil several times a day. Also, Vitamin A ophthalmic drops (make sure they are intended for your eyes) can be helpful in relieving dry eyes. Viva-drops is a good brand.

    Also take Ocuvites for general eye health.

    Source(s): The Pill Book Guide to Natural Medicines - Mike Murray ND
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    My Boyfriend had plugs put into his tear ducts because after Lasik eye surgery he had cronic dry eye.

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    It may or may not be permanent. Here is some literature for you to read. The best thing to do is to keep your eyes lubricated.


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