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what song was it???

does anybody know the song that is played at the end of the tyra show. it goes"im gona shine..." what was its name?? please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    I hate the Tyra Show. SHe tries to hard at trying to be Oprah. She should stick to AMerica's Next TOp Model now that show is the shiiiit

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    Just for today,

    Telling the world

    like I've got nothing to prove.

    I am gonna shine, shine, shine.

    I am gonna shine, shine, shine.

    Just for today, telling the truth

    like it's goin outta style.

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    its india arie i do know that but i don't know what song it is or what cd it is off she was selling it on her website for a while to raise money for something

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