At what age should a child start going to any kind of school- Nursery or Kindergarten?

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    am a early childhood student teacher (preschool-3rd grade). I have worked in preschools and I have to say that I think 4 years old is a great time to start children in preschool. It seems that parents want their children to start so early, at 1 1/2-2 years old so that their child has a jump start on learning. That is great, however, children are not developmentally ready then. By 4 years old, children are beginning to form their own identity and are ready to go to a school environment away from mom and dad. Even at 4-years, some children struggle but at that age, children are ready and eager to start preschool. Before the age of four, I think parents should enroll their children in play groups so they have the opportunity to interact with children.

    I am 22 years old and my parents waited till I was 4 to send me to preschool because I had a summer birthday. I think that was the wisest move they made. If I would have been sent to preschool at 3, I would have been one of the youngest in my class. I had two years of preschool so when I began kindergarten, I was 6-years-old and developmentally ready for kindergarten and to be away from home for a longer period of time.

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    I got my daughter into preschool when she was 3, afew months more before 4 (she's born in October). So, school regulation, my daughter landed into Toddler even though i insist that she already knows letters , numbers, colors and shapes- ready for Nursery.

    The first day of classes went very smoothly, i could already leave her in class that time, though she doesn't understand a single word her classmates are telling her (we're migrants!). After two weeks of school my daughter got bored because they did not have formal academic learning in that level. I talked to the directress and was told that standards say that children in Toddler are more on playing and intermingling. So i did teach her more at home.

    The teacher gives her a different syllabus from the others because shes more advanced. She is now accelerated into Kindergarten. At 4, she could read and answer more fluently than her classmates at 6!She's a candidate for the top position in class.

    She never hesitated going to school, though until now, shes not into making friends because her classmates don't understand her dialect. But i could see shes really trying to communicate.

    Encouraging the kid to learn is more important than persuading her to go to school! Formal education could begin at home through playing! Ask my daughter about the solar system, she won't just simply tell you the planets but the satelites for each planet as well!

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    You're the parent, you have the best idea of when your child is prepared. I taught at a preschool for 5 years and each child was very different. We had 3 year olds who were VERY ready for the academic environment we provided and some 4 year olds who were not. We have 5 year olds who are ready for first grade and 6 year olds who were ready for kindergarten. We had one 6 year old who was WELL beyond our preschool program and VERY ready for first grade but his mother kept him there all year and it was a big mistake because he got bored and rebelled against our activities.

    If your child is showing a big interest in academics, put him/her in school, by all means. If they're not ready, don't push it. I learned to read when I was 2 and a half, but when my mother tried to put me in school 3 years later they tried to put me in a classroom where they learned the alphabet because I couldn't write. I was home schooled for several years while my fine motor skills caught up more with my reading. My sister on the other hand didn't learn to read until she was 8 years old, but jumped quickly from C-A-T to chapter books, something which took me quite a bit longer.

    Your child will tell you when she/he is ready for school. You could try to take your child to nursery school for a day and see how they manage, if she is eager to get involved with the other children and join the activities, that's a pretty clear indication of preparedness. If he's getting involved but wants you close at all times, he still may be ready, but may need some encouragement. Try a few academic pursuits at home, like counting and ABCs I'm sure you'll be able to sense when your child is ready to take the next step.

    Best of luck!

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    I would have to say when they child starts showing interest in going to school. The interest can be when your child starts saying how he/she wants to go to school like the big kids. Maturity is also really important. So children when they are 3 are really ready while others who haven't experienced being away from their parent(s) have a tough time with the separation. I had my children start pre-school while they were 3. I first took them to the pre-school before starting and had them intermingle with the other children. This helped them feel more at ease. So when they started the transition into class it went smoothly. Word of advise, please check out any pre-school or nursery to insure they have the right program for you and your child. I hope this helps.

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    It's totally up to the parents involved or the state, if the child is of "school age." Personally, I think that by the time a child is 2 years old, they need to be in an atmosphere with other children to develop good social skills. I believe this time should be limited.

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    Pre-school they should be at least 3 and only a few hours per week. They should be at least 5 before they start kindergarten. No need to rush them, just make sure they are read to on a daily basis and limit TV viewing.

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    It depends on your district and sometimes your income levels. Some districts have free preschool programs for 4 year olds. Sometimes you have to go to a private school for preschool. If your income level is low, you may be able to qualify for Head Start, which is a free or reduced cost tuition preschool. I had to pay for preschool. My middle daughter went at 4 years old. My youngest is going to start in September at age 3.

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    I sent my son to Preschool when he was 4 and 5 and kindergarten at 6. It was amazing how much more mature/ calm and "ahead" of his classmates he was just because I sent him at 6 instead of 5!

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    It depends on the child. Always take a tour and sit with your child through a morning circle time and ask to see teachers lesson plan book. Good luck.

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    i strongly believe that a child should be home until the age of five why are people having children and then pawning them off on other people.i do understand that there are people out there that have to work but a lot of them do it because they need to keep up with the JONESS if ya know whay i mean.all three of mine stayed home with me untill kindergarten.i taught them everything they needed to know up until then and they did great all three of very proud that i got to stay home with them and wouldnt have had it any other way.

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