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How come alot of parents don't set the same example they preach to their kids?

The Parent's Actions and Words do not match.

And Kids don't listen to what you say,

But watch what you do.

Monkey see-- monkey do!!


According to pjt, parents want kids to better than they were as kids.

This might be true, but I've witnessed adults being----Jealous of their Kids, and Taking it out on their kids.

So pjt--This is just an excuse for adults to put their kids under their thumb.

Kinda like the Tom and Jerry Show, when Tom is stepping on Jerry's tail, while Jerry is trying to get away. (ahead)

Update 2:

You get what you teach, not what you preach.

Update 3:

If you lie, expect your kid to lie to you.

If he lies to you, after seeing you do it after you told him/her it was a bad thing to do, expect your kids to Rebel, become Antagonistic, And Creating a BIGGER Masterpiece out of your Masterpiece.

Update 4:

Some Parents don't want their kids to make the same mistakes.

Some Parents don't want their kids to experience anything.

Some Parents want their kids to succeed.

Some Parents don't want thier kids to succeed.

Update 5:

Some Parents try to Mask their own issues, and still Leak them to their offspring psychologically, and pathologically without even being aware of it.

Update 6:

Stupid is as Stupid does.

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    Hypocrisy my dear boy...just plain old hypocrisy. "Do as I say, Not as I do"!

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    Because its harder to be the example. More or less, easier said then done. For example, you're at home, and your computer crashes. I'd bet all the parents who say "Don't curse Timmy" would curse the second after that computer crashes with all their work for the meeting tommorrow. Why? Because people don't think before their actions.

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    No parent wants their child to make the same mistakes as they do. No parent wants their child to be like them.

    I do not want my daughter growing up making the same fatal errors that I did.

    I think for some parents maybe they think if the child sees how screwed up the choices have made them then it will scare them into not chosing those choices.

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    Maybe because they don't want the kids to make the same mistakes the parents did. Like, I tell my kids not to smoke and its a nasty habit that can lead to several diseases. I smoke but I do it when they're not around.

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    Yes, a timeless question. Kinda like when a convicted rock star does anti-drug public service anouncements as part of his settlement. Not fooling anyone.

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    Too true!

    That's why raising my daughter was so HARD! I practiced EVERYTHING I preached, and even practiced some stuff WITHOUT preaching it so she'd get the 'point' directly.

    It paid off, she's a good, responsible adult, but I'm all tuckered out!!!

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    Because parents want their kids to be better than they are. It's hard to be perfect all the time... it's hard to be perfect even some of the time.

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    One of my friends said that their mom said this:

    Do as I say, not as I do.

    Simple thing is parents may not act exactly as they want us to, but that does not mean we should do stuff just because they do... They dont want us to make mistakes that they have already learned from.

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    Because they're basically lazy and selfish and it's inconvenient to be a good role model when being lazy and selfish is so much easier. And more fun.

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    Do as I say not as I do,I said that to my father once and he knocked me on my azz, I got the point. Learn from my mistakes so that you may live the better. It took me twenty years to get it but get it I did!

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    Simply because it is hard. Parents always have good intentions, the follow through is the tricky part.

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