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I need help???

For some reason, late this evening, ever since I just got out of the shower I have had the worst gas and can't stop farting, how can I stop having all this gas? I have tried beano.

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    Don't drink while ur eating only before or after. this reduces gas from entering ur intestines causing gas to build up. avoid foods like beans, lettuce, cabbage, green pepper, radish, or any veggie that contains lots of water. keep ur belly warm, helps release gas. my favorite (may seem messy) take olive oil and rub it with ur hands till it gets really warm and rub it on ur belly then cover it well. this helps with movement of gas and releases it faster. in terms of meds, beano doesn't really have what u need. anything that contains Simethicone works. get the maximum strength (125mg or 180mg). the only problem with this is it may cause diarrhea. If u try these options and the gas gets worse or continues, then talk to ur doctor b/c it may be something else that's causing it. Good luck.

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    It was caused by the food you ate and not much you can do now to prevent passing gas. I would suggest you watch

    out what you eat in the future. By the way showering had nothing to do with it.

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    some suggestions...u can try motilium, charcoal or disflatyl from ur pharmacy. Look into ur diet too. And dont stand too near an open fire :P

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    just let it pass

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  • just let it all out, BUT BEWARE OF SHARTING !

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    what did you eat ? don't eat it again

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