i'm I steal sinning by just being a homosexual without acting on it?

Is it a sin to be a homosexual, without doing any homosexual activities, such as sleeping with another man. I'm I sinning just by only thinking of having sex with another man without actually doing it physicaly

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    I agree with Judy M. Very well stated. Plus trust me on this one it's not good not to let yourself be who you are.

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    OK, hun. Here are my thoughts: (brace yourself now-- this will be an excessively long post. most of mine are. xD )

    You will find that many conservative, right-wing fundamentalists will tell you that gayness is against the Bible and a sin and wrong (or even unatural and discusting-- I've heard it all) and maybe even that you are going to hell for it. I think such claims are ridiculous. Not only does Jesus save from any sin, but being homosexual/bi/transgender is not even a sin to begin with!

    As far as sexual activity goes, I'm not a fan of any sex before marraige, be it male-male, female-female, or male-female. A gift so prescious should only be shared between two people, (of any gender combination). In my eyes, a guy having sex with his girlfriend is the same thing as a different guy having sex with his boyfriend. Only variation is that different things turn them on.

    Concerning "impure" thought: Thinking about sex is technically a sin, but in no way more of a sin because you might fantasize about being with another guy. See, I believe all sins to be equal-- a wrong against God is a wrong against God, but he is so amazing and loving that he forgives us for anything. Anyway, God probably wouldn't want us to constantly think about sex because then we might want to start.... doing other things. But that's probably another topic alltogether, haha. Perhaps I shall create a question on it... However, at the same time, you should never feel bad for thinking about sex-- it's how God wired our brains and bodies to function. Sex was God's idea. He came up with it. ;)

    Concerning the Bible: the Bible says in Leviticus 20: 13 "If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination" Now, this is really, reeeally old Hebrew text and times have changed since then. Plus read on in the next chapter and you'll find that no one with an injured foot or blemish is supposed to come before the Lord. I don't see many Christian men today following these extremely specific ancient laws and cutting trimming their beards the correct way. If you try to enforce one of these, you have to do all of them. There was actuall a really good post on this same idea not too long ago...

    Finally: If being gay is a sin then so is having blonde hair and bad vision. And if this is so, than I'm really in trouble ;)

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    I'm strait, so I'm probably not the best person to answer you're question.

    You will be judged by all of your actions, words and thoughts. Anyone that has impure thoughts including sexual thoughts about others, is sinning, whither homosexual or heterosexual. There are different degrees of sin, and having sex with anyone of the same sex is always a sin and it's much more serious than impure thoughts. Being attracted to people of the same sex itself is not a sin.

    Sacrifice is a principle of the true Gospel that Jesus Christ taught. Sacrifice is NOT designed to make us miserable, it's designed to make us happy. We must sacrifice things that would give us temporary pleasure, for greater and eternal things to give us everlasting happiness.

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    I'm just sick of reading verses on here that people pick out of the Bible. You have to read the whole chapter folks. You have to understand that the word of God, is not all the word of God. Paul wrote against it several times, yes - but the context, the context is just as important.

    I am baffled at the stupidity of some of these so called "Christians." If you're going to preach, you need to get your ducks in a row. I will gladly discredit your rediculous statements based on my knowledge of Greek and Hebrew. It's like other things;

    It's a sad fact that the truths of evolution are undeniable and oftentimes, Christians find it difficult to accept that it is possible that evolution is part of the creation process. World religions since the very first civilizations have created their own stories of how the world began, but it is our unfortunate disposiiton to be in such a new country founded on such secular beliefs. If you study world religions previous to Christ, you will be amazed at the stories found within their faith...they will look familiar. The Bible, being translated upon the request of King James brought about a new order of interpretation. As we do today, the laws, social expectations, were translated to fit the need of the time. In the same section that Paul speaks against homosexuality, he also mentions that women she not speak out in church, and many other abominations that nobody wants to discuss. A heterosexual minister with the Episcopal Church presented an awesome sermon breaking down the biblical passages that pertain to homosexuality, by this minister going over the chapter instead of reciting the verses, the bigger picture was seen by the congregation.

    There are tribes in Africa where the male must have a wife and a male companion. Native Americans honored homosexuals and looked at them as special healers and/or allowed them to work beside the women in their daily duties. Ancient Rome, the nobles had young man servants who done a little more than served coffee.

    Our ignorant culture hides many truths and understandings. You have to ask yourself, why do the most educated folks, especially those of the hard sciences, choose not to believe in God. Things to consider.

    I will be glad to forward the sermon fore mentioned if anyone would like to read it.

    In the same passages it speaks against homosexuality, it also mentions that men should not sleep with women so many days after her cycle and we should not eat red meat....it's gotta be well-done CHRISTIANS or you're an abomination to the Lord....read the whole damn chapter and quick picking verses to suit your agenda.

    ANYONE who comes across this and wants to stand on the verses that they quote, contact me ASAP and i'll give you the whole story on every damn one you send. I will warn you, i've been to seminary, have attained my M.Div. so my ducks are in a row, are yours?

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    I suppose that if you are of the christian faith, and you unfortanately have to believe whatever is shoved down your pathetic throat, than yes. If you are your own person and realize that you are what god made you to be, than you will act on your desires and stop worrying whether or not your going to hell. Because your not. Or heres a good idea, why dont you marry a women and live your life miserably in the closet, every time you fck her you can think about a man so you can ***, and someday you will cheat on her and shell catch you and itll be like brokeback mountain all over again? Ya reckon? Clearly.

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    How do you feel in your heart? Man wrote the bible but faith is something that you feel in your soul, that envelopes you like a blankie. Listen to that voice, not the one preached/brain washed into you, but the one that feels right, that makes you feel whole. The same voice/instinct that let you know that you would want to live a homosexual instinct.

    I am not christian, nor am I religious, I am spiritual. By my definition the Universe (God/Allah/Jesus etc) wants us all to find inner peace, authentic power, and internal happiness. We use this life to learn and grow, love is a part of that, don't let yourself be denied that fundamental pleasure. It is a basic human need, never mind what a few unhappy, terrified, and powerless people through your way.

    Find a faith that you feel accepted into, that you feel empowered by. Faith is not supposed to make you feel scared and broken.


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    you are not sinning by be a homosexual period . You have the freedom to be what God created you to be . Your sexual orientation was determined before you were born and God created you in his own image . So If you are gay he created you and will love you regardless . Live your life and be happy , You can still love and worship God and Be gay also .

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    sinning by who's standards? dont listen to the bible bashers.

    u cant help being homosexual. its NOT a sin. dont feel bad, just do what makes u happy u only have one life

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    Yes. The thought is as bad as the deed. Do you see how imposible it really is to not be a sinner? That's everybody. We are all that way. That's why God doesn't expect us to be perfect. He does not expect us to be perfect. Do you get that? He does not expect us to be perfect.

    Trust in His promises. He knows that He can get us to trust Him.

    Stop talking about sin for a little bit. It's not about sin. It's about trust. Trust Him, dee. You have to trust in Jesus. That's how you get His attention.

    NO more about sin, okay? Trust!


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    Being gay is not a sin. Only in the interpretation of those who do not understand. feel free to act on your feelings

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    it's not a sin to be homosexual, nor to act upon it. don't listen to the bigoted homophobes. you were born the way you are, and being who you are is not a sin.

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