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Does anybody know what is in a Sex on the Beach drink?

I know the basic recipe is Peach Scnapps, Vodka, Cranberry Juice and Orange juice. But I have heard there are several different recipes. Please share yours if you know?

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    This is a recipe when I bartended 20 years ago and it is how it is supposed to be made.

    In the mixer (the metal container at the bar) put in ice and then a couple of ounces of orange juice, (depending how many people are participating in the sex) and then add Peach Schnapps, (again, depending on participants) mix (shake) well.

    Pour into shot glasses.

    Then, Float Baileys Irish cream on top of the liquid. it should pierce the surface about 1 inch or so. Depending on the Bartender and their expertise. This cream being a metaphor for... well duh!!!!

    The sweetness being a metaphor for... okay better stop,

    good luck on your beach girl,



    Source(s): Been a great bartender and still know how to do it... errr how to mix it I mean.
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    pineapple juice and Malibu rum. And if its with a blanket it has creme in it.

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    how about adding some sexual fluid in the cocktail, which is appropriate for its name? i know that some bartenders add their sexula fluids or even pubic hair on the mixes that they make. go figure. cheers!

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