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can you help me find 15 people that use biology?

need it for biology class

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    biology professor, farmer, gardener, doctor, crime scene investigator, cornor, student, chef, toner, tailer, people who want to keep fit, sport player, fbi, people who work for a medicine factory, first-aid people, people working in the zoo, fishman.

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    It's not all bisecting frogs , it's reactions to actions too.My soil is very rich because I use organic mulch to keep the weeds down,and when I turn the dirt I find many earthworms. I know when biology has taken over something in the fridge because of the reaction my nose has.

  • Terrorists use biology. Its a basic understanding of the science necessary to know how to enrich uranium.

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    nurses, doctors, lab techs, water treatment people, farmers, people who run aquariums either large or small like in a pet store, vets,

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    doctors, nurses, pharmacists, lab technicians, dentists, food technicians, ecologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychologists, gym/fitness instructors, pharmacists, veterinarians, and chefs.

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