Totally Clueless: How do I know if my guy friend likes me?

I'm really bad at reading signs and I'm way too shy to ask him, so please help. Here are some details. He's been asking me what I've been doing over the summer and if I have any plans, but he doesn't ask me to do anything with him. Also, he's been sending me emails about how he's been really bored and has nothing to do and how he can't wait to see me once school starts...By the way, we are both way too shy to ask the other out... so that's not happening. HELP!!!!! I don't get it at all!!!!!!! I need advice!!!!


Tell me if I'm reading into this too much!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you're shy enough to ask him out,

    try using by SMS..

    Writing words and you do not face him will decrease your shy towards him...

    Good luck....

    Source(s): Own Experience
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