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Should I try to go to the college where I am enrolled or should I withdraw and try to transfer somewhere else?

I am registered at Bowie State University which is in Maryland,and the classes started 8/28, but I am not there because this past May my mother decided to move from Maryland to Troy, New York to live with a friend, and I went with her, thinking that I could still return to Maryland and attend Bowie State. But it turns out that there is no housing available on campus at Bowie State, meaning that I have nowhere to stay on campus. My grandparents do still live in Maryland, and they are very upset that my mother left, and they really want someone from our family to be in Maryland. I was finally allowed to call them on 8/28 for the first time this summer, and they did say I could stay with them and go to Bowie State. But to get to and from Bowie state from their house I would have to take 4 metro busses. They sound like they really want me to stay with them and are willing to do whatever it takes. But I just don't think I want to take 4 metro busses.

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    Well, I'm in Texas and I don't know much about metro buses... but.... if you have a gut feeling that it's a bad idea... if you just KNOW that it's not going to work because 4 metro buses isn't feesible... you're young, and there's no harm in looking to enroll somewhere else in your area (NY).

    Just because things have changed, that doesn't make you a failure or an underachiever. Things change all the time and you're smart to look for answers on how to adjust.

    Talk to your grandparents about your concerns (concerning the buses) and see what wisdom they can share with you. There is no harm in trying Bowie out for one semester.

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    If all other things are equal, I would transfer. U of albany is a solid school and it is not far from troy NY.

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