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repressed memories what are they all about?

what are repressed memories?

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    A repressed memory, according to some theories of psychology, is a memory (often traumatic) of an event or environment which is stored by the unconscious mind but outside the awareness of the conscious mind. Some theorize that these memories may be recovered (that is, integrated into consciousness) years or decades after the event.

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    Our brains are wonderful things, they can process a great deal, but when we experience a very traumatic event they can "protect" us by forgetting. That "forgetting" is repression. Often, when a person is older in their 30's-40's, this comes up in bits and pieces. People notice certain things from their past and try to find out about them in counseling.

    As an example; I have a friend who was molested as a child by her father. Those horrible memories were kept deep inside her memory for years. In her 40's and 50's they began to surface. She is presently working through all of it and doing very well. She needed to get past the fear of remembering it all again. Once she saw her father could no longer hurt her, she could look at the situation and deal wth it as a matue adult.

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    definite ... i'm managing the comparable situation. i grew to become into many times molested and abused as a baby. Repressed memory therapy (RMT) is a style of psychotherapy which assumes that problems which incorporate bulimia, melancholy, sexual inhibition, insomnia, intense stress, and so on., are through unconsciously repressed recommendations of youngsters abuse. RMT assumes that a healthy psychological state might properly be restored basically by using improving and dealing with those repressed recommendations of youngsters abuse. there is likewise little medical info helping the notions that recommendations of youngsters abuse are unconsciously repressed or that improving repressed recommendations of abuse finally leads to substantial progression in one's psychological well-being and stability. i'm hoping no person possibilities on you or provides solutions like, "you're making this up." the reason the recommendations were repressed is to your individual salvation. in case you hadn't repressed them you does no longer have been waiting to administration as a baby. many times those recommendations come out while a individual is older and feels safer of their lives. Then the baby interior feels risk-free sufficient to launch a number of her/his soreness. additionally, the reason you do no longer remember something till now your toddlers is considering you have been abused and your recommendations basically blocked out the repressed recommendations. Ask your healthcare expert if Repressed memory therapy (RMT) is powerful for you. i'm so sorry. solid good fortune to you.

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    repressed memories are things you try to forget ...unfortunately some so called Dr's. will hypnotize you and will make you remember things that didn't happen not all docs are bad BUT it just takes one bad one to ruin all the good ones

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    I believe it's a memory that repeats over and over, that was once forgotten and then returns.

    Basically the first answer :)

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    stuffing you feelings

    stuffing bad memories

    then one day they pop out and you ave to deal with them

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