A sr boy at school slapped my 15 yr old daughter?

She went to dean. boy suspended but now there are all these boys and girls wanting to beat her up. what to do?


the kids do not want me to press charges i hesitantly agreed because my daughter just moved here from out of state. he was suspended but the threasts keep coming i personally would like to kick his *** and the other ones that want to beat her up but that would just make it worse i guess i called parents they dont care whats up with that? my daughter says contacting the school wil;l make it worse but i already have once and i will again i thought there was not to be any bullying.

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    This is why the world is in such a mess. The fact that a boy would even raise his hand to a girl is beyond me, and at school; no less. That would have not happened when I was in school, because not only would the boy have been suspended, his parents would have stepped in and probably grounded him for the rest of the year, plus made him apologize for his actions. Why are these other kids threatening to beat your daughter up? You need to have a meeting with your daughter and the dean to straighten this mess out. If I were the dean I would have a school assembly and make it evident that anyone threatening to beat up another student would also be suspended or have to go to detention whatever a suitable reaction would be. These kids are out of control and someone needs to take charge here. It is this type of actions that lead to other things, guns being brought to school and the like. If you cannot get any satisfactory answers and actions from the dean; I would seriously consider transferring my daughter to another school. I certainly would not be wanting to go to school every day worrying about if I was going to be beaten up or not. Good luck and have a good night.

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    If I was your 15 year old daughter I would have knocked that boy flat on his butt. I would like to believe that going and telling on the boy would solve the problem, and in a perfect world it would, but it doesn't.

    Women need to learn to fight back!! We all have seen it so many times. A woman gets hit, goes to the police, and a guy gets a slap on the wrist and goes and hits another woman. Fight back!!

    And your daughter should press charges.. that is battery.

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    this is what they call stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

    wait for a little bit and see what happens. see if the treats calm down. hopefully they are only trying to scare her. just give it a while...maybe a week or two.

    if things don't calm down after a couple of weeks than do what you have to do for your daughter.

    i don't have kids so, I'm not for sure if you can get those kids who's treating her for harassment. but, if you can and they don't stop than you might have to do that too. what ever it takes to protect her.

    good luck and keep us posted!!!

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    I had an incident like that happen to me with my son, i used to live in nj and moved to ct and some older kids did that to my son well i try doing everything by the book other kids wanted to hit on my kid i done lose my patience and went up in the school didnt care if the cops came or not cause when it comes to one of my kids anit nobody gonna mess or hit on them so i ran up on them kids like a crazy *** women and just imagine the rest. i didnt get arrested i got respect.......

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    I would file criminal charges against him...that might send a message.

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    check into it and see whats going on there at school.

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