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when do your breasts begin to feel sore?

what week and is it true your nipples begin to get darker? and if so how dark

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    My breast being sore was one of the first things i noticed (even before the test)

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    I am 19 weeks along and I noticed with this baby my nipples being really sensitive about 3-4 weeks about 16-17 weeks?

    My aureole's get bigger when I get pregnant and by the end of the pregnancy my nipples darken quite a bit. I don't know how to gage how dark, just like if you sunbathed and they got a tan?

    Can't believe I am talking about this on the net!

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    Breast tenderness was my first symptom of pregnancy. They were so sore I could barely wear a bra. A friend recommended I take a pregnancy test and it was positive. Yes, your nipples will get larger and darker.

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    depends on the girl. my breast starting getting sore at around 3 weeks. theyre not that darker though. everyones different.

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    it varies from woman to woman. they could become sore as early as 3-4 weeks!!! Yes your nipples do get darker and the darkness varies, but you will be able to tell....

  • Chewie
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    My breasts were sore before I found out I was pregnant (at about one month).

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    My breasts never became sore until I was breast feeding

    At that time they became engorged and it was EXTREMELY painful

    My nipples almost turned black, but they eventually returned to their normal color

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