Does the state of california offer Martenity leave throught the government thats what i heard?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Yes. You get paid leave via short term disability at about 55% your normal pay for up to 4 weeks before your baby is born to 6 weeks after. If you have a c-section, you can get the paid leave extended to 8 weeks or longer with Dr certification. You can also apply for an additional 6 weeks of partial paid Family Leave after the Short Term Disability runs out.

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    The state of California requires employees to buy CA-SDI (short term disability insurance). Look in your paystubs, there should be a deduction for CA-SDI. This gives you 6 weeks (for any normal vaginal birth) of some pay, not that much, definitely not 50%, pretty small amount. You can check to find out exactly how much or contact your HP rep. FMLA is federal, but you are not paid anything, only the right to have the time off.

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    The State of California treats Maternity leave like any other illness.

    Your doctor will usually justify six weeks of medical disability, but you can also be eligible for FMLA (Family Medical leave) which is unpaid.

    It just forces the employer to have a comparable position available to you when you return to work.

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