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My check engine light came on in my 1998 Honda Civic. How much is that going to cost me?

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    it really depends if you something is wrong, with the engine, or if it is a simple courtesy light for low fluid level or a regular schedule maintenance check. a schedule maintenance light comes on at 30,000 to 35,000 mile intervals. first check all fluid levels and if they are alright , I would suggest to take it to a reputable shop and have them put it on the scanner to check for codes, prices vary from $35.00 to around $80.00 depending on the shop and if the do find a hard code set in the computer have print out made of the code, part and labor , before having it fixed this way you will know exactly what the total cost will be before the repair work starts

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    Depends on the problem, but i would assume that a shop would charge approx 1 hour diagnose time at start to figure out the problem, my shop charges about $90/hour canadian, the check engine light is set off when the computer has an OBD II code set off twice, and sometime there are pending codes (a pending code is where the computer has only read the problem once, therefore not setting off the light), so sometimes its just a matter of changing a $20 part, and other times its a matter of a $5000 bill, its hard to say, there are just to many things that can set the light off

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    simple things first.... cant swear on this for all vehicles - but i know for a fact it pertains to my 2001 Jeep

    if you leave the gas cap off you car for an extended period of time (say from Mississippi to Texas) your check engine light will come on

    if it is time for the manufacturers recommended maintenance your check engine light will come on (look at your mileage - check your owners manual to see what maintenance it is time for)

    if none of the above applies call around and have your vehicle checked - or if your vehicle appears to be running just fine - try disconnecting the battery for a few minutes - that will typically reset everything (only way to get the light to turn off after i left the gas cap off)

    there's a multitude of reasons that a check engine light will come on - for the most part they are not serious - could be something as minor as a loose vacuum line ... but if you are concerned about it get it checked - a lil money up front may save you big dollars in the end...

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    The "Check Engine" light comes on because one, or more, of a variety of sensors have detected a problem. The only way to know what it is or what it will cost is to take it to a repairman or dealer that has the equipment to read and repair the problem.

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    I have had that happen to two of my kids vehicles; the first was my daughters ford ranger, i first checked to make sure she had oil, she did. However, she advise me that she had changed gas stations...we waited until she refueled and the engine light went away.

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    Approximately an hour labor at the shop of your choice to have diagnostic service ran.

    One hour of diag here in Missouri is anywhere from 65.00 to 105.00 dollars

    Good luck

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    its impossible to tell without taking it in to get looked at. it can cost u less than 100 or u could have some real problems. but if u have maintained it like u are suppose to then no worries.

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    Maybe nothing! have the code read and then clear the codes . You might have not tightened your gas cap properly.

    Auto zone does the check for free.

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    Sometimes you can get codes triggers by other codes... Clear the codes... and see what comes back... then address the ones that come back... I sense you guys did and engine swap..... But that's just an educated guess.... Ron...

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    your engine light came on & you expect someone to tell you how much it's going to cost? i guess you don't have sense enough to know that no one can tell you without knowing what's even wrong with you car. what a stupid question!!!

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